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PCB Herstellung von A bis Z: (4) Layouten mit EAGLE Pt. 1

Nach dem Erstellen des Schaltplanes folgt nun das Layouten. Dabei handelt es sich um das Design, das auf die Platine zum Ätzen kommt. Spricht die Pads, an die die Bauteile gelötet werden, Durchkontaktierungen und natürlich die Leiterbahnen. Dies ist ebenfalls wie der Schaltplan-Teil als Tutorial ausgelegt. Ich erkläre also nach dem Motto “Learning by doing” […]

Review of the TP-Link Smart plug and short tutorial!

Here’y my quick review of the TP-Link Smart plug! No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, controls your devices from Anywhere, works with Amazon Alexa (HS100). https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Required-Control-Anywhere-HS100/dp/B0178IC734 You will need the kasa app (TP link software) for your phone and enable the corresponding “Smart Home Skill” on your alexa (also Kasa by TP-Link). source

Developing Bluetooth Smart Applications for Android Tutorial

00:30 – Bluetooth GATT Basics 04:01 – DEMO: Android GATT Central Application 24:11 – Bluetooth LE Broadcasters 25:49 – DEMO: Android LE Observer Application — Dave Smith, NewCircle instructor and Sr. Android Engineer at Double Encore will talk about Bluetooth LE API’s, and show you how easy it is to add some really interesting capabilities […]

Getting started with iBeacons – Swift Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating our first Swift app which interacts with iBeacons. These bluetooth-powered proximity sensors allow us to tell when a device is near or far away from a sensor – and we’ll be creating a little app that updates whenever a beacon is within range. source UK’s Gatwick Airport presently has […]

Android: A BLE Scanner App Part 1

Walking through the template code! Link to the GIT Repo: https://github.com/kaviles/BLE_Tutorials source London’s Gatwick Airport presently has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Sophisticated in-house environments such as airports and shopping malls can be a nightmare to find your way around. And while Google is seeking smartphones with 3D detectors as one potential fix for places […]

ESP32 #6: BLE / Bluetooth iBeacon implementation

ESP32 implementing an iBeacon example iBeacon: https://developer.apple.com/ibeacon/Getting-Started-with-iBeacon.pdf https://developer.mbed.org/blog/entry/BLE-Beacons-URIBeacon-AltBeacons-iBeacon/ Bluetooth: https://www.bluetooth.org/en-us/specification/assigned-numbers/generic-access-profile Sourcecode: https://github.com/pcbreflux/espressif/tree/master/esp32/app/ble_app_ibeacon source London’s Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Complex in-house environments for instance, air-ports and departmental stores is often a pain to find your way around. And even though Google is seeking phones with 3D detectors as one prospective fix […]

Coming Soon: vSpace Pro 10

NComputing introduces vSpace Pro 10, a new management platform for your desktop virtualization environment. Optimize capabilities while on the go or centrally monitor devices with integrated premium features and cloud services. Make real-time decisions to always be in control of your workplace! source Windows 10 PC on the Raspberry Pi: NComputing rolls out $99 RX300 […]

Part 2: vSpace Console Tutorial

In-depth breakdown of NComputing’s vSpace Console, its features and a how-to-use guide source Windows 10 PC on the Raspberry Pi: NComputing unveils $99 RX300 Computer Official introduction: https://www.ncomputing.com/en/products/rxseries The RX300 thin client is going to be available to firms from the end of this month. A thin client is a lightweight personal computer that is […]

Instalação do Ncomputing Vspace X350 X550 dicas testes

Mais um serviço técnico prestado por nossa empresa, trata-se da instalação,configuração e suporte técnico para os sistemas da Ncomputing no Brasil, os terminais virtuais ótimos para escolas,lan houses e outras empresas que buscam praticidade e economia. Aqui fazemos os testes dos Modelos X350 e X550 instalados no Windows, mas o sistema também aceita ser instalado […]

Tutorial Eagle PCB – Thermometer LCD

Ini adalah rangkaian thermometer LCD yang sensornya merupakan sensor analog dan saya berikan konektor terminal kabel sebagai penghubung. Download dan penjelasan di : http://duwiarsana.com Source Eagle PWB Design With Matt Berggren Eagle is a household good reputation for more or less all Hackaday regulars. Here is the time to be familiar with impending features, have […]