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クアッドセプトは、高機能で低価格な回路図エディタ、PCB設計ツールです。 初期費用、更新費用ともに「0円」なのが特徴です。 「クラウド化」「低コスト」「現場の声で進化」「イノベーション」でという4 つのコンセプトで、グローバルでの設計、開発業務の効率化を行い、より良い サービス提供を行っています。 [Schematic/Circuit Editor] [PCB Designer/3D] [回路図エディタ][プリント基板][プリント基板製造][プリント基板設計] ■ Quadceptのダウンロードはこちら https://www.quadcept.com/ja/index.html ———————————– ♡ Quadcept https://www.quadcept.com/ ♡ 完全無償のネット変換/照合サービス【NET CHANGER】 https://netlist.quadcept.com/ ♡ Blog http://blog.quadcept.com/ ♡ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/quadcept ♡ TWITTER Tweets by quadcept ————————————————————– ★ これまでの動画一覧 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPl15UJ0-WVfPkmSsORJrw ————————————————————– ■製品概要 https://www.quadcept.com/ja/product/index.html ■サポートトップ  http://www.quadcept.com/ja/faq/ ■フォーラムサイト http://forum.quadcept.com/ ■オンラインマニュアル http://www.quadcept.com/ja/manual ■Youtube Quadcept  http://www.youtube.com/user/QuadceptManual ■チュートリアルマニュアルダウンロード先 http://www.quadcept.com/ja/manual/download/latest/ circuit editor,Schematic,cloud,PCB,3D,CAD,Maker,Electronics, Industry4.0, Techshop,fablab,PCB Manufacturing,Layout,Mount, BOM,parts library,Symbol,Footprint,Digi-Key,RS,Chip1stop,Subscription, Pay as you go, […]

iBeacon Demo for Retail Clients

Email us at [email protected] for more information Beacon technology uses of proximity sensing devices to track the movement of mobile users within vicinity and push notifications to them. Though the technology is developed by Apple, it can be used for Andriod devices with Bluetooth LTE capabilities as well. source London’s Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 […]

Proxama’s testing of BLE beacons on buses

For the first time, beacon technology has been implemented on a bus network allowing passengers to receive location-based messages from retailers in the area as they travel. The implementation is part of a collaboration between Proxama PLC (AIM: PROX) the global mobile proximity marketing and NFC payments company, Exterion Media, a leading Out of Home […]