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Was ist ein Beacon oder ein iBeacon?

Beacon oder wenn wenn wir vorn Apple Unterstützung reden auch iBeacon ist eine Technologie zu der es zur Zeit einen regelrechten Hype gibt. Die Kwano Community nutzt diesen Kanal, um über Beacons und weitere Themen zu Proximity und Spatial Perception aufzuklären. source London’s Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 beacons for indoor navigation Intricate indoor environments […]

How to build a profitable Beacon enabled advertising network for brands, apps and venues

Episode 12 – inMarket’s CEO Todd DiPaola describes his company’s approach to bringing together their 44.5MM app users, thousands of stores and dozens of apps in his company’s beacon enabled advertising network. For more interviews and articles from the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacosystem checkout http://www.hhgb.us For the most comprehensive proximity industry […]

Episode 11- Leantegra CEO Oleg Puzanov

We explore how Ukranian based Leantegra has blended Bluetooth beacons with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Wi-Fi, what UWB is and what it brings to the solution, and the advantages of doing business from an country with faster/cheaper Internet connectivity than the USA. For more interviews and articles from the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide […]

Bluetooth Mesh Beacons – Beaconix

Bluetooth mesh offers advantages for management of beacon deployments, enabling new use cases and support for the Physical Web. We talk to the CEO of Beaconix whose early work enabling large scale location based campaigns convinced him to commercialize a mesh solution. For more interviews and articles from the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to […]

Proximi.io Geofencing Quick Start

This video shows how to get started with geofencing including setting up the prerequisite like places, floors etc. Please note that in most cases native positioning isn’t accurate enough for indoors so it’s highly recommended to setup BLE beacons or IndoorAtlas. Setting up BLE beacons & IndoorAtlas will be covered in the next videos. source […]

Demo app in a Coffee Drive thru using Kontakt.io beacons

A demo app developed for android using BLE Kontakt beacons and images from Caffenio Drive. Keep in touch with us: [email protected] source Britain’s Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 beacons for indoor navigation Complicated indoor environments for instance, airports and shopping centers can be a pain to find your way around. And even while Google is […]

Getting started with iBeacons – Swift Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating our first Swift app which interacts with iBeacons. These bluetooth-powered proximity sensors allow us to tell when a device is near or far away from a sensor – and we’ll be creating a little app that updates whenever a beacon is within range. source UK’s Gatwick Airport presently has […]

How To Set Up Your Beacon To Broadcast Eddystone URL

This video will show you how to program your beacon to broadcast Eddystone URL signals. This tutorial is part of a video about a Physical Web enabled movie poster, which you can check out here- https://youtu.be/HRP1tfXHiVg source Britain’s Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Complex in-house environments like airports and department shops […]

Cisco’s new Beacon Point creates the vBeacon category

Cisco is disrupting the Beacosystem with its new CMX Beacon Point vBeacon product. Moving beacons with a point and a click promises to change the way we look at the Total Cost of Ownership of large beacon developments. We discuss where vBeacons work best and see Cisco’s web management tools in action. For more interviews […]

Developing with Beacons (100 days of Google Dev)

Beacons are all about adding context to the world whether at a specific place like your favorite store or moving around like a taxi. With this context, you can provide an experience for your user that requires fewer steps while being richer and more relevant. When you use Google together with your beacons, you get […]