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これは私が個人で所有しているミッツ(MITS)社のプリント基板加工機による加工の様子を撮影した動画です。かなり古い機種なのですが、ご覧のようにプリント基板の試作で機動性を発揮してくれています。 http://www.neo-tech-lab.co.uk source PCB Board Fab in Japan RITA Electronics, Ltd RITA Electronics, Ltd., founded on Apr 1, 2014 upon succeeding the complete Circuit Board business from AICA Kogyo Co., Ltd., provides the full solution for the Circuit Board products like pattern-designing, simulation for obtaining good high-speed signal quality and EMC, and Circuit Board production […]

6oz PWB Manufacturing And PCBA Suppliers 2016

Did you know that arduino PCBs are made start to finish in a single factory in the tiny town of strambino, italy? this video shuttles you through all the stages of their creation: from punching the foundation holes to etching to screen-printing to rinsing to milling and finally testing. Etching : one of the most […]