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Compras en China: Altavoz bluetooth BTS-06 resistente al agua por 10$

Link: http://www.gearbest.com/speakers/pp_2569.html Para la ducha va de perlas! Podeis seguirme en https://twitter.com/Predicneitor y en https://www.facebook.com/predicneitor source

Unboxing and testing bluetooth iBeacon devices

Experience the most advanced Proximity Marketing and iBeacon Platform – https://mocaplatform.com/ We have just received iBeacons Development Preview Kit from Estimote, Poland. This cool new technology is going to be huge. Discover more interesting content about ibecons and proximity marketing at our Blog: http://blog.mocaplatform.com/apple-ibeacon-vs-google-eddystone/ MOCA is a mobile cloud marketing platform that turns any mobile […]

Introducing Nearby: Physical proximity within and without apps – Google I/O 2016

Nearby brings awareness of close-by smartphones, devices, and beacons to your app, using a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultrasound. Deep dive into Nearby’s cross-platform, peer-to-peer API, as well as upcoming functionality for associating BLE beacons with on-device actions. We’ll discuss Android and iOS features for relevant, proximity-powered triggers, sharing, group formation, and more. Watch […]

Getting started with iBeacons – Swift Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating our first Swift app which interacts with iBeacons. These bluetooth-powered proximity sensors allow us to tell when a device is near or far away from a sensor – and we’ll be creating a little app that updates whenever a beacon is within range. source UK’s Gatwick Airport presently has […]

How To Set Up Your Beacon To Broadcast Eddystone URL

This video will show you how to program your beacon to broadcast Eddystone URL signals. This tutorial is part of a video about a Physical Web enabled movie poster, which you can check out here- https://youtu.be/HRP1tfXHiVg source Britain’s Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Complex in-house environments like airports and department shops […]

The Australian Museum – Beacon Powered Tour App

The Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia has been using Beaconmaker to power their location aware mobile app that hosts their audio guides to their latest exhibitions — giving curators a succinct way of telling a story through a mobile app. The app works with Bluetooth Low-Energy beacons out of the box, offering the precinct more […]