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Ausgepackt #2: nRF51822 Mikromodul

Ausgepackt nRF51822 Mikromodul mit anlöten der Anschlüsse, Beacon bzw. Bluetooth Test mit einem Android Handy und der Play Store App von Nordic nRF Master Control Panel. source UK’s Gatwick Airport presently has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Complex in-house environments for example, air-ports and department stores is often a headache to find your way around. […]

Jiffi – the ultimate mobile ticketing system for passengers

Jiffi’s Bluetooth beacons detect when passengers board and when they get off, without them having to do anything but install an app and enter payment details. Passengers travel, the app handles payment. Transport operators get access to Jiffi’s powerful dashboard and visualizations that show journeys from points A to B to C. This gives clear […]

Introducing Comarch beacon

Comarch beacon is a small sensor that broadcasts a continuous signal via BLE. The signal is used by a mobile device to provide to its owner the right data, at the right time, in the right place. That gives business a much deeper level of personalized interaction and leverages customer experience in limitless usage scenarios, […]

BT05A BLE as iBeacon

Настройка модуля BLE BT-05A в качестве iBeacon. Инструкция для оригинального модуля HM-10 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7YhCK2ZNsYYVmJFRXlNbVQtd3M Удалось прошить этот модуль полной прошивкой от HM-10 прямым подключением к модулю Ардуиной со скетчем CCLoader, но светодиод не светит, модуль отвечает на все AT-команды, но в эфире отсутствует при любых настройках. После чего удалось перешить его прошивкой от HM-11 штатной процедурой […]

Proximi.io Geofencing Quick Start

This video shows how to get started with geofencing including setting up the prerequisite like places, floors etc. Please note that in most cases native positioning isn’t accurate enough for indoors so it’s highly recommended to setup BLE beacons or IndoorAtlas. Setting up BLE beacons & IndoorAtlas will be covered in the next videos. source […]

Jiffi – hands-free mobile ticketing & validation for mass transit

Jiffi is a cutting-edge ticketing & validation technology that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons & micro-location technology to detect, when smartphone-equipped passengers enter and exit the public transit vehicle. It improves the ticketing experience substantially – you just travel, Jiffi app handles payment. And transport operators finally get clear data, where passengers actually travel […]

Australian National Maritime Museum – Beacon Powered Tour App

The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) is Australia’s national centre for maritime collections, exhibitions, research and archaeology. Located on Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia, ANMM uses Beaconmaker to power their self-guided tour app, for both indoor and outdoor collections, that provides visitors with additional digital content such as images, videos and audio clips. The app […]

TI SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Smart SensorTag with iBeacon technology

In this video, you can get an overview of TI’s SimpleLink Bluetooth® Smart SensorTag with iBeacon technology and learn about the use cases for iBeacon. For more information on TI’s Bluetooth Smart SensorTag, visit www.ti.com/sensortag To purchase a Bluetooth Smart SensorTag, visit https://estore.ti.com/CC2541DK-SENSOR-CC2541-SensorTag-Development-Kit-P3192.aspx source London’s Gatwick Airport presently has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Sophisticated […]

What is a beacon?

What is a beacon? A beacon uses a bluetooth low energy signal to communicate with any smartphone in its range. It’s about the real world, not just the digital world. source London’s Gatwick Airport now has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Complicated in-house environments including airports and department shops is often a problem to find […]

Configure your iPhone as an iBeacon Transmitter in Less than 5 Minutes

How to Configure your iPhone as an iBeacon Transmitter: http://youtu.be/s2a6iNNMgCo Buy GemTot Beacons direct from PassKit! https://passkit.com/buy-ibeacon/ Any iPhone 4S or later running on iOS7 can be set up as an iBeacon transmitter. Learn how to configure your iPhone and begin broadcasting UUIDs. If you want to download this guide as a PDF, visit http://passkit.com/configure-iphone-i… […]