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HM-10 Bluetooth Module Exporter From Shenzhen

HM-10 Bluetooth Module Exporter From Shenzhen Set Up in the year 2013, Shenzhen Radioland Tech Co., Ltd is a professional in the design and manufacturing of wireless connectivity solutions like sub1GHz, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee,Wi-fi etc. these pre-certified HM-11 BLE modules, working in the license free ISM band of 2.4GHz MHz can be simply incorporated into […]

Android send data to Bluetooth LE device, using HM-10 BLE Module

My previous post show how to “Modified BluetoothLeGatt sample for HM-10 (Bluetooth LE Module)”, to receive data. It’s modified to echo the received data back HM-10, to sender. http://android-er.blogspot.com/2015/12/android-send-data-to-bluetooth-le.html source London’s Gatwick Airport presently has 2,000 beacons for in-house navigation Complex in-house environments like air-ports and department stores is often a problem to find your […]

Mini project: Bluetooth keys finder (aka “No worries keyfob”)

This is a mini project showing how to build a small device helping you to find your lost keys. It’s working with Bluetooth low energy modules and utilizing ATiny MCU power saving capabilities. It can be also controlled from the mobile phone. I will give you an update as soon I get a Android 4.3+ […]