Simple ECHO Voice Control SMART PLUG from TP-Link

TP-Link HS100 Voice activated Smart plugs have proved useful for me in utilising the power sockets in my house that are otherwise inaccessible.

Smart plugs have been on the market for quite some time now – but in recent months the prices have reduced significantly and in this video I demonstrate they are now so quick and easy to set-up, almost anyone can do it.

Purchasing a TP Link SMART WiFi PLUG
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

Echo Dot:
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

—-The basic RF remote control socket I show at the beginning can also be found on Amazon—


Q) Why didn’t you use the Belkin Wemo with the Echo
A) I wanted to try a new cheaper and smaller plug instead and then once I’d got it working I wanted to buy more of the same model to keep them in the same eco-system. I have also heard quite a few reports regarding general unreliability of the Wemo – disconnections etc. However if it works for you that’s should always do whatever makes you happy.

Q) Will this work with Google Home
A) Yes – I have been advised that it works fine

Q) Will this plug work with Apple Homekit
A) No – it does not support Homekit.

Answers to questions like these can be found on the TP link website here:
or on the smarthome website here:

Q) What is the fancy clock in the background at the beginning?
A) This –
but most people don’t want to buy one when they see the price.

Q) Why would anyone need to turn off their HiFi power supply
A) OK – weird question but here we go….my HiFi has an 8-gang power extension plugged into the wall – into this are plugged 6 components and two step-down power converters which power the Japanese 100V and US 120V devices – these step-down converters are not supposed to be left powered on for extended periods of time and therefore when the HiFi is not in use they need to be powered down. A number of the other components only power down into a standby state and they too need to be switched off when not in use due to the age of the internal transformers.

Q) Why don’t I use an extension lead with a power switch
A) This is easier for someone like me with a back problem – where bending down to flip a switch is not always possible all year round.

Q) Why (fill in question here)
A) Because I’m doing this instead.

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Jerobeam Fenderson for the intro animation:

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