Pull Only Clutch Industrial Control Cable Assembly

Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Throttle/ Shift/Trim
Conductor Material:
Carbon Steel
Insulation Material:
Carbon Steel and Plastic
Pull-Only Clutch Control Cables
Major Customers:
FAW / Yutong
HS Code:
High temperature resistance/Low loss/Long service life
Piece/Pieces per Month automotive clutch control cable
Packaging Details
wood case or carton
Lead Time
25 working days
Product Description


[Pull-Only Clutch Control Cables]

Description:                           Applications:                            Features:

Pull-Only Clutch                       • Clutch controls                          • Custom engineered assembly
Industrial Control                     • Heavy duty lanyards                 • Installed bend radius
Cable Assembly                                                                           down to 5″

                                                                                                        • Nylon covered innermember

                                                                                                        • Plastic covered conduit


Material:                                       Added Features:

• Nylon Covered                            • Sealed
   Innermember                              • Economical
• Plastic Covered                          • Lubed for Life



[ Pull-Only Industrial]

A flexible control designed to transmit pull motion between two mechanical devices without the use of rods, bellcranks, or other rigid mechanical linkage. Pull controls are specifically designed  for applications which require a high load capability and low deflection. The cable often used for operating a vehicle parking brake is a typical example. Simple to install and easy to maintain, versatile pull controls are found on many types of mechanical equipment.


[Pull-Only Clutch Specifications]

High quality replacements for most cab-over engine vehicles and other similar applications.
Built to specifications by your local cable assembler.



Generic clutch replacement cables HD conduit, special clutch innermember
Part No. CA235-A-L (5/16-24 end rods)
Part No. CA236-A-L (3/8-24 end rods)




General Motors® style clutch cable. 1500lb brake conduit and innermember
Part No. CA270-XXX (XXX = Dash number, see table below)

GM is a registered trademark of General Motors.



General Motors® style clutch cable. 1500lb brake conduit and innermember
Part No. CA271-A-L (A = Conduit length; L = Length overall)



Mack Truck® style clutch cable. HD conduit and special clutch innermember
Part No. CA312-A-L (A = Conduit length; L = Length overall; see table below)





Mack Truck® style clutch cable. HD conduit and special clutch innermember
Part No. CA312-A-L (A = Conduit length; L = Length overall)

All line art dimensions are represented in inches



[Pull- Only Clutch]

High Performance Clutch Cables

See “Push-Pull Cable Specifications” for mid-travel dimensions.
HD conduit, brake/clutch innermember 500lb pull-only operating load.
Order Code: T = Travel 2″- 6″ L = Length overall


Part No. A183-400-T-L (5/16-24 end rods MD) Grooved-Grooved
Part No. A183-111-T-L (3/8-24 end rods HD) Grooved-Grooved


Part No. A183-401-T-L (5/16-24 end rods MD) Grooved-Threaded 11/16-16
Part No. A183-110-T-L (3/8-24 end rods HD) Grooved-Threaded 7/8-14


Part No. A183-402-T-L (5/16-24 end rods MD) Threaded-Threaded (both ends 11/16-16)
Part No. A183-104-T-L (3/8-24 end rods HD) Threaded-Threaded (both ends 7/8-14)




Company Information

   American TUTHILL Corporation is headquartered in Chicago, has a history of one hundred years of family enterprises and multinational companies, with a wide range of business scope. The company is named by “TUTHILL group” in China. The control group is the independent subsidiary. By the end of 2010, the control group from TUTHILL group split up for independent operation. Control group have factories in the United States, Britain and Germany, offering high-end drive control products and engineering solutions. The product line includes control flexible shaft of the various specifications, cab units and a category range of standard parts, widely used in high-end industrial customer markets, such as luxury bus, heavy truck, aerospace, construction machinery, rail transportation, agricultural machinery, gardening equipment, racing cars, military vehicles, tanks etc.  as selection of shift control, throttle cable, clutch cable, brake line, valve and other mechanical transmission control. In China, as imports of high-end brands on behalf of “TUTHILL flexible shaft” with its exquisite craftsmanship and quality, these products have received high reputation from the industry.









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