PCB Eagle 5 HeTPro: Imprimir en serigrafia o silkscreen logotipo

PCB Eagle 5 HeTPro: Imprimir en serigrafia o silkscreen logotipo
Aprende como cargar tu logotipo o texto en tu tarjeta de circuito impreso!.

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Eagle PWB Design With Matt Berggren


Eagle is a house-hold reputable name for pretty much all Hackaday regulars. This is the time to be informed on forthcoming features, get your ‘how do I do this in Eagle?’ questions clarified, and have your wishlist items heard. Come along on Friday at 12:00 PST for a real-time Hack Chat about the Eagle PWB Design application.

Hosting this week’s dialogue is Matt Berggren, commonly known on Hackaday.io as technolomaniac. Matt is the Director of Autodesk Circuits and with Autodesk’s buying of Eagle last summer, the famous schematic design and PWB layout software falls under his grasp. He has got a substantial qualifications in designing printed circuit boards -if you can possibly do it in EDA software application he knows how -this can be an awesome chance to get addressed the questions which were stumping you.

Really do not ignore this Hack Chat! The following is a helpful on-line tool for helping switch 1/13/17 at 12:00 PST to your native time.

And here is How one can Engage In:

Hack Chat are live community activities that take place in the Hackaday.io Hacker Channel. Explore that webpage (ensure you are logged in) and locate the “Join this Project Button” in the upper right. Once you’re associated with the Hacker Channel, the button will change to “Team Messaging” that takes you to the Hack Chat.

You don not ought to look forward to Friday, join Hack Chat any time you would like and view what the community is now debating.

Join Us Next Week Also for KiCad!
Are you even more of a KiCad guy than an Eagle guy? You really should still stop by this week to find out whether Matt changes your mind. But filter out your schedule next week when Wayne Stambaugh, one of the lead developers of KiCad will appear for a Hack Chat on Friday, 1/20/17.

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