Outdoor snow melting heating cable electric underfloor heating cable

Place of Origin:
Anhui, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Conductor Material:
Insulation Material:
Number of Conductors:
Twin conductor
undefloor heating
Place of Origin::
Anhui China (Mainland)
Brand Name::
AC 220V-230V
Conductor Material::
Copper Alloy
Insulation Material::
Fluoropolymer (FEP)
Outer Jacket Insulation::
outdoor floor heating, snow melting
Brown, Red, Green, Black
Packaging Details
White box and export carton.
Delivery Time
Shipped in 20 days after payment

Outdoor snow melting heating cable electric underfloor heating cable 


Goods description: 

Anbang heating cables are developed for a variety of applications, including indoor comfort floor heating and total heating via floor, ice and snow melting for grounds, frost protection for roofs, pipe tracing, sports field heating, cold store protection and many others.


Anbang offers full range of electrical heating cables for small houses as well as large commercial buildings and special constructions. Heating cables are mostly used in connection with new building or larger renovation projects.

The unique design ensures maximum performance in all situations and the flexible cable construction makes installation faster and easier than ever before. 

Floor heating cable Systems

1,combine the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency. It’s a proven technology that’s safe,reliable and energy efficient.

2,Single point connection

3,Twin conductor cable

4,Emits zero EMF (electromagnetic fields)

5,Safety approved for wet locations

6,Flexible installation

7,Durable construction

8,15-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects


Electric underfloor heating offers so many advantages:

•    It is the most efficient ways of floor heating

•    It provides greater comfort than any other heating system

•    Low capital cost – installation is 50% cheaper than gas or oil

•    Zero maintenance costs – no annual safety inspections required

•    Energy efficiency – easy to control for low running costs

•    Suitable for new-build and refurbishment projects

•    Invisible once installed – no loss of wall or floor space

•    Safe and reliable



Cable construction Twin conductor
Rated Voltage 110V-120V/220V-240V
Output 18w/m
Cable diameter 3.6mm
Conductor Insulation Fluoropolymer
Outer Insulation PVC
Max. ambient. temperature 85℉(30℃)
Min. Installation Temperature 40℉(5℃)
Cold lead  2.5m


Advantage of our product

Safety approved for wet locations
Suitable for tile and stone floors, carpet, wooden floors
Simple and trouble free to install
Benefiting you and the environment
Guaranteed(15-year limited warranty)
Very thin(3.6mm)
A large range of sizes: 18w/m 
Single point connection
Dual conductor, only one coldtail,only one end to connect thermostat
100% earth shielded(wrap the entire cable with a layer of aluminium foil)
Emits zero EMF
CE,GOST,TUV and RoHS approval



Specification Power output(w) Voltage (v) Room size(m2) Power(w/m)  Resistance(Ω) Cable length(m)
TXLP-225-1.0 225 230 1 18 235.11 12.5
TXLP-225-1.5 337.5 230 1.5 18 156.74 18.8
TXLP-225-2.0 450 230 2 18 117.56 25
TXLP-225-2.5 562.5 230 2.5 18 94.04 31.3
TXLP-225-3.0 675 230 3 18 78.37 37.5
TXLP-225-3.5 787.5 230 3.5 18 67.17 43.8
TXLP-225-4.0 900 230 4 18 58.78 50
TXLP-225-4.5 1012.5 230 4.5 18 52.25 56.25
TXLP-225-5.0 1125 230 5 18 47.02 60.4
TXLP-225-6.0 1350 230 6 18 39.19 75
TXLP-225-7.0 1575 230 7 18 33.59 87.5
TXLP-225-8.0 1800 230 8 18 29.39 100
TXLP-225-9.0 2025 230 9 18 26.12 112.5
TXLP-225-10 2250 230 10 18 23.51 125
TXLP-225-11 2475 230 11 18 21.37 137.5
TXLP-225-12 2700 230 12 18 19.59 150

Delivery time:

Within 15-20 days after receiving payment


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Company Information


Company profile


Welcome to Anbang, built in 2004, Register capital to be a RMB103million. Anbang group is a professional production of various types of electric tracing cables enterprise, located in Tianchang City, Chuzhou, Anhui province, which is 110km far away from Nanjing Airport, Headquarters is located in Beijing world trade center. We are the leading enterprise in the field of electrical heating.


Our factory covers 63000 square meters and own more than 300 employees.Our enterprise through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification; ISO14000 environment management certification. The products have CE,ROHS,EMC certification,


We have advanced equipments, high technology and an excellent quality inspection system that strictly performs under the quality control of ISO9001. Our main products: electric heating cable; electric underfloor heating mats; self-regulation heating cable MI heating cable etc. are popular for indoor floor warm use and outdoor snow melting use; pipeline freeze protection. Our mainly markets for America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia neighboring countries.


The company has always attached importance to technical innovation and quality management, focus on the introduction of the outstanding talented person and the advanced equipment, now our products of high quality and because of its superior performance. We sincerely hope to establish business relations with customers from all over the world.





Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is trace heating (heat trace)?
Electric trace heating (heat trace) is the application of a compensating heat source to a pipe, surface or vessel, to maintain a specified temperature.


2. How does trace heating work?
Electric heat trace / surface heating replaces the losses of heat from a surface, to allow temperature maintenance of the product, which thermal insulation alone can not maintain.


3. What is constant wattage heating tape?
Constant wattage heating tape exist in various forms, of which the more recent zonal parallel circuit devices are the most convenient, since these may be ‘cut to length’, within practical limits, on site. The output of constant wattage tape is virtually constant along the tape length, due to the consistent nature of the wire element.


4. What is self regulating heating tape?
Self limiting / 
self regulating heating tape adjusts heat output to equal the heat loss from the pipe work. As pipe temperature falls under no-flow conditions or due to the decreases in external or internal temperature the electrical conductivity of the semi-conductive polymer core increases causing the tape to increase output. As the pipe temperature increases under flow conditions or as a result of increasing external or internal temperature the conductivity reduces and output decreases.


5. Do I need to use thermal insulation?
Thermal insulation is recommended on all heat trace applications. Without Insulation surface heat losses can increase approx 4-5 times.


6. Can I use electric surface heating to heat raise pipes and vessels?
Electric Surface Heating can be used to heat raise pipes and vessels. However, it is usually more economic to maintain heating on a pipeline than to provide a heating system designed to raise from cold. Where it is necessary to make provision for heat raising the time allowed should normally be in the range 12 – 24 hours to avoid high loadings.


7. Should I use a thermostat?
Trace heating thermostats are recommended for use with all surface heating systems. Temperature control can reduce system operating costs by as much as 90%


8. Do I have to spiral the trace heating onto the pipe?
The application of the heat trace tape depends on the required wattage. As Anbang manufacture an extensive range of heating tapes most applications can simply be straight traced, reducing costs of materials and installation time without compromising on operational requirements.


9. Can the trace heating tape be cut to length?
Anbang Trace Heating’s range of Parallel Circuit Heating Tapes can all be ‘Cut-to-Length’ to suit pipework.


10. Can electric trace heating tapes be joined?
Parallel circuit constant wattage heating tapes can be joined using either the relevant jointing kits or a 
trace heating junction box found under ancillaries within the products section.


11. Can I use heat trace on plastic pipes?
When using heat trace on plastic pipes ensure that the cable does not exceed 12 watts per metre and is fitted with earth protection. The heat trace tape should be used in conjunction with a thermostat. NOTE: PVC cables and PVC fixing tape MUST NOT be used on PVC pipes.


12. Do I have to allow extra heat for pumps and valves?
If the surface area of the pump is substantially greater than that of the adjoining pipework then extra heating cable may need to be considered (depending on wattage of cable installed). Pumps and valves may be heat traced with extra heating tape to allow removal of the valve or pump.


13. Do you carry out installation work?
Anbang Trace Heating Ltd offer a full Installation and commissioning service carried out by experienced trace heating engineers.


14. Can you design a full surface heating system for me?
Anbang can design your complete trace heating requirement.


15. Can you design and make a specialised heating jacket for me?
Anbang manufacture custom made insulated and non-insulated 
heating jackets, mats and pads for many applications of up to 400°C. All products can be manufactured to suit customer specific application requirements.


16. Do you make products for Hazardous Areas?
Anbang hold approvals for manufacture of 
Hazardous Area trace heating products.


17. Does my trace heating system require maintenance?
Generally, no maintenance of our trace heating systems is required but it is recommended that the system is checked for operational and electrical integrity periodically or prior to the winter or production run, depending on application.


18. How do I test my trace heating system is working properly?
System checks depend on the system installed, constant wattage systems can be fully checked for insulation resistance and continuity. Self regulating systems can only be checked for insulation resistance. For assistance on system testing please 
contact us .





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