Global Manufacturer Platform for PCB Prototyping and Small-run PCB Manufacturing Needs

Global Manufacturer Platform for PCB Prototyping and Small-run PCB Manufacturing Needs


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ALLPCB is the 1st multinational web based platform with PCB prototyping and low-volume PCB mfg services.
From 2013, ALLPCB has been aiming to present the most cost-effective PCB manufacture service and provide worldwide SMEs with complete PCB design process and tech support from “Prototype to Production”. In an effort to accomplish a fast reaction to customers’ requests, we’ve designed a effective service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, client service and rapid response to issues outcome our premier position in PCB field.

ALLPCB benefits from unique resources in a few factors:

1. PCB manufacturers

About One hundred China-based PCB manufacturers have signed up with ALLPCB producer system, providing 1 – 30 layers boards for PCB Prototyping and Small-volume PCB fabrication. They include multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The speediest leading time can be within just A day. Every one of the PCB manufacturer associates have approved our tight on-spot audit by certified auditors concerning the surroundings, equipments, raw materials, qualifications and management. All the analysis information are exposed and transparent via the internet, making sure that the manufacture capability credibility of every single PCB manufacturer.

2. Components

ALLPCB partners with over 30 famous components providers, featuring around 5 , 000, 000 electronic components in stock. Around 95% orders will be sure to be delivered in 24 hours.

3. PCA(Printed Circuit Assembly)

ALLPCB works together with over 10 PCBA manufacturers with the capacity of prototype and low-quantity manufacture within 2 – 3 days. And also the pass rate of finished products goes to 99.9%.
ALLPCB possesses a efficient team with 100+ client care members and experts . We furnish 24/7 client service for overseas consumers by using mailbox, telephone and live chat.
“Made in China, Loved among the entire world” is the objective of ALLPCB at this point. ALLPCB will make an effort to get to the change from”Made in China” to”Produced in the planet”, making the growth of world-wide SMEs significantly easier and bringing the persons better life by utilizing technology!

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