Curso Arduino Advanced – Aula 16 (Confecção de PCB – Parte 2 – EAGLE) 2/2

Módulo avançado do Curso Arduino. Agora é meter a mão na massa mesmo! Vamos aprender nessa Aula 16 como confeccionar placas de circuito impresso pelo método de revelação fotográfica. Nessa segunda parte abordarei a utilização do programa EAGLE e confecção da placa até a parte de impressão da transparência. Esta parte 2 da aula 16 foi dividida em duas metades (primeira metade disponível em: Para adquirir componentes utilizados nessa aula, visite a Loja do Curso Arduino em — Para discutir sobre os assuntos abordados nessa aula, visite o Fórum do Curso Arduino em

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Eagle PCB Design With Matt Berggren


Eagle is a house-hold reputable name for just about all Hackaday regulars. And here is your chance to research coming features, make your ‘how do I do this in Eagle?’ questions responded, and have your wishlist items heard. Join us on Friday at 12:00 PST for a real time Hack Chat concerning the Eagle PCB Design software package.

Hosting this week’s discourse is Matt Berggren, best known on as technolomaniac. Matt is the Director of Autodesk Circuits and with Autodesk’s buying of Eagle last summer, the well known schematic design and PCB layout software falls under his purview. He’s a huge foundation in designing printed circuit boards -if you possible could do it in EDA software he is sure of how -this can be a really good chance to get replied the important questions which were stumping you.

Don’t forget the Hack Chat! The following is a practical web-based tool for helping transform 1/13/17 at 12:00 PST to your native time.

Here’s The way to Take Part:

Hack Chat are live community events that take place in the Hacker Channel. Look at that page (ensure you are logged in) and seek out the “Join this Project Button” in the top right. After you are a member of the Hacker Channel, the button will plunge to “Team Messaging” which walks you to the Hack Chat.

You don not have to look forward to Friday, join Hack Chat anytime you like and discover what the community currently is talking over.

Come Along Next Week As well for KiCad!
Are you even more of a KiCad guy than an Eagle guy? It is best to still stop by this week to ascertain if Matt changes your thinking. But block out your schedule next week when Wayne Stambaugh, one of the lead developers of KiCad will join us for a Hack Chat on Friday, 1/20/17.

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