China PCB Makers Permitting White Labelling

China PCB Makers Permitting White Labelling


GoldPhoenix PCB Co.,Ltd

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GoldPhoenix PCB Co.,Ltd. is a major company in China Circuit Board Fab industry. It’s actually a branch of Gold Phoenix Technology. Located near to the Wuhan DongHui Industry Area, our PCB facility was established in 2000. GoldPhoenix PCB targets Flex Circuit Card & Rigid PCB Board prototyping, Circuit Board fabricating, and Circuit Board assembling, and also stencil. The firm uses modern PCB mfg machines for processing close-tolerance Pcb boards to a maximum of 24 layers. We are prideful to make available copper thickness upto 6 ounces, hidden or blind vias, high frequency, aluminum-based and specified Circuit Cards. Our PCB Boards are compliant with UL , GB4588.2, GB4588.4 and IPC-600E standards.
Tip: GB is short for China National Standard Committee

Aside from our PCB making, in addition we acquired a PCB Board Assembling line to further expand our business to encompass PCB Assemblage service. The SMT Assemblage and PTH Assy service we present has got amazing reply from our oversea clients looking for low-budget PCB Assembly solution. Similar to our Circuit Card manufacture, our PCB Board Assembling service are offered promptly and of good quality.

Gold Phoenix engages above 200 highly trained office staff and delivers the very best quality products. The mission of our competent engineers and awesome selling group is to handle our clients’ demands, offer remarkably proficient service and product standard. Our track record is irresistible for offering cut-throat pricing, punctual delivery and excellent one-stop service. Likewise, we promise that our shoppers’ intellectual property and privacy will be protected.

We’re unique from most of the Circuit Card houses in China in several ways. We concentrate on fast turnaround PCB Board fabrication. We can easily get done one 2 layers small-scale production order per 8 hours, 4 layers in 48 hours. The key differences among us and PCB factories in United States and PCB houses in China lie in:

1. We provide quick turnaround service for production orders.
2. We provide fast turnaround for Circuit Board Assy.

We possess our very own PCB Mfg line and SMT line under one roof, we do not outsource your orders.

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China Wuhan HQ
Address: LUOYU Rd #889, The Optical Valley International Plaza #A ROOM 2503
Hongshan District,Wuhan , HuBei 430074
Mail: [email protected]

Canada Business office
Address:710 Dorval Drive Suite 200, Oakville, Canada, L6K 3V7
Email address: [email protected]

Help and Support
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