Monthly Archives: June 2017

Mobile engagement with Aruba Beacons and the Meridian Mobile App Platform – Live Demos

Aruba Beacons, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, are here! Learn how to deploy hundreds of Aruba Beacons and manage them centrally or via a mobile app. We’ll also discuss how your business partners can take advantage of the Aruba Meridian platform to kickstart their mobile engagement efforts and personalize their Wi-Fi experience using […]

Step-Wise – Using BLE beacons to track movement of visitors from space to space within buildings

Step-wise is a web application designed to track the movement of visitors from space to space within buildings. Utilising BLE beacon technology, Step-wise serves as a custom solution for hospitals’ visitor logging and contact tracing needs, empowering medical teams and health authorities to take decisive actions to contain outbreaks of infectious diseases. source London’s Gatwick […]

Slash Hack – Beacon Box – Using Amazon Alexa and BLE beacons

Slash hack 2016 ( hackathon project. Our team – NPComplete was one of final ten shortlisted for final demonstration to the bigger audience out of 70 odd teams. The goal of the project was to provide a targeted yet unobtrusive advertisement to customers with a win-win for both the brands/organizations and customers. The first […]