100 % Free Net Based EDA Tool Out There on EasyEDA.com

100 % Free Net Based EDA Tool Out There on EasyEDA.com

About EasyEDA

EasyEDA is Passionate About New Technology

We’re manufacturers, geeker and technical engineers. When we wished to design and build several electronic products a couple of years ago, we invested 2 or 3 weeks trying to find the best specialized tools. We demanded schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout yet we needed it to not be purely for Windows Operating-system and we didn’t enjoy the thought of having to pay out lots of money to pick a gigantic software suite and afterwards devote many weeks finding out how to benefit from it.

Our aim is to help designers move on from idea to constructed prototype much faster by featuring total details and collaboration software programs for electronic design. Whether you are a dabbler wishing to try your initial project or a expert technician seeking a efficiency increase, our ambition is to take out the boredom in taking a innovation to our life. We really want to hear what you are engaged on or any suggestions about how we can assist you, hence please feel free to email us.

To sum up, EasyEDA will supply you with a simplier EDA process, so you can take delight in more of the trip from a concept to a item.

Business Line And Pricing

You don’t see any totally free business models; EasyEDA has to maintain itself and as a consequence it must always keep up with the staff members additionally.

Making an effort to present you with a disruptive innovation, we deliver an incredible zero cost internet based EDA program, but yet we make an attempt to earn income from several other services, for example presenting PCB sales, PCB assy, advertisements and special project reviews by our certified electronic engineers.

Please benefit from EasyEDA, we assure EasyEDA’s root features are free of cost to every body.

Reach Us


30A, Area A, Shennan Garden Bldg, Nanshan, Shenzhen City, Guangdong
Zipcode: 518000

Business development/alliance:
[email protected]

Other inquiries:
[email protected]


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