10 Bluetooth Speakers Comparison for sub 100 USD [4K UHD]

http://techvideo.de – 10 Bluetooth Speakers for sub 100 US Dollar in a short Comparison at home. Mostly German and Chinese Companies here but also with Logitech’s UE and Jabra on Board. Enjoy and sorry for the late upload!!!

Peaq PPA20BT: http://goo.gl/9KdTNZ
Peaq PPA80BT: http://goo.gl/J8hQcE
Peaq PPA120BT: http://goo.gl/3fQ7uc
Logitech UE Mobile Boombox: http://goo.gl/YX75BG
Inateck: http://goo.gl/YKM78X
Rapoo A300: http://goo.gl/N3FwE6
Rapoo A500: http://goo.gl/v7tf92
Rapoo A600: http://goo.gl/M89qvv
Coloud Bang: http://goo.gl/g1FpGu
Jabra Solemate Mini: http://goo.gl/LjazFi

This 4K Video was created with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 Camera.


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