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Circuit Card Fabrication in Japan

RITA Electronics, Ltd

RITA Electronics, Ltd., established on April 1, 2014 upon succeeding the full PCB business from AICA Kogyo Co., Ltd., offers the full solution for the PCB products such as pattern-designing, simulation for acquiring good high-speed signal quality and EMC, and PCB manufacturing of various quantities. Our expert consulting service is available as well for the analysis of electrical characteristics at an early period of PCB Development.

Our company name “RITA”(chosen from the thoughts by our personnel) refers to the “Real Integrated Technology and Advisory” to symbolize our commitment to the technological perfection and the high level of services to our clients.

In December 2016, all the shares of RITA Electronics, Ltd. were duly transferred to Taishodo Corporation (Toyokawa, Aichi Prefecture). We look forward to lots of synergy effects from the vertical integration of Taishodo’s Electronics Manufacturing Service and our PCB products.

Thanks to the support from all our buyers and business partners, we performed our first three business years in success. We will continue to chase much higher level of technologies to match our buyers’ demand.

We appreciate your constant support and encouragement!

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Telephone Number: 052-930-6151
Telefax: 052-930-6157
Mailbox: [email protected]

Founded on https://www.ritael.co.jp/english/


Yamamoto‘s Circuit Card factories in Japan and China offer a range of support from very first prototype to production – all production sites aim for high product mix in volume production across many different technologies from the industry-common to the next-generation challenges.

Yamamoto. Firm Overview

Yamamoto Mfg. Ltd. launched in 1945 in the watchcase-metallurgy business and successfully built this business in Japan, Korea, and China.

In 1968, Yamamoto parlayed their metallurgical and plating knowledge into Circuit Cards with an 1st facility in Tokorozawa Japan – Yamamoto’s initial venture into Circuit Cards was supported by a large contract in 1968 with IBM Yasu Japan and development and research projects with several very best Japanese OEM’s. One other Advanced Technology factory was established in Honjo Japan in 1985 and furthermore Expanded in 2001. Yamamoto has new Circuit Card plant in the Guangdong Province of China which opened in 2008.

In Japan due to 2 Advanced Technology factories and 2 Drill-Plating Support facilities with above 700K sq. ft. of manufacturing room as well as our manufacturing area in China mainland, Yamamoto is well positioned to support all Circuit Card technology levels worldwide without ever limiting quality.

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Founded on http://www.yusa.com/

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