Best Low Budget Bluetooth Speaker? – Inateck Portable Speaker Review [HD]

Hey guys and welcome to a new product review. Today we will have a look at a pretty good low budget speaker for just 30$ !

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Simple and contemporary design, compact dimensions paired with an impressive sound performance Built-in lithium battery offers 5-6 hours of play time; Built-in high sensitivity Microphone, listening music anywhere
One-step-connect: enters pairing mode automatically once powered on; connects to the device last connected automatically
Compatible with Bluetooth enabled media player, phone, iPod, iPad, Android Devices, Google Music, Pandora and all other Bluetooth enabled devices; Equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack for non-Bluetooth devices
Package: 1x Bluetooth Speaker; 1x USB Charge Cable; 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable; 1x Manual


Fivestar F-808 Bluetooth Speaker Full Review

This is my full review of the Fivestar F-808 Mini Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker from

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FAKE Dr Dre Beats Beatbox Bluetooth Speakers REVIEW, LINK & UNBOXING (English)

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Cost: $26 per 2 Speaks

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Review: Thinkbox mini bluetooth speaker S07U

*Edit #2: I can now say that this speaker is pretty much trash, it didn’t break or anything, but the charge doesn’t last for more than 20 min., really don’t recommend this anymore.*

*Edit: Seems like a lot of people in the comments have been having problems with this speaker, so be warned.*

Couldn’t find much onfo on this gadget so I thought I’d give my take on it. It would have gotten a higher score if it didn’t have the lights and if the features were more functional.

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Y8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review [NL]

Welcome at this review on the BoughtFromChina Review Channel!. today we will review the Y8 Portable speaker I received today! Check out the English version for way better quality video!

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Price: 22$ + free worldwide shipping

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Офигенная Bluetooth колонка с Aliexpress (bluetooth speaker)

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Sound comparison of 3 chinese portable bluetooth speakers

Sound comparison of 3 chinese portable bluetooth speakers.
DC932a / Xcsource / Jambox look-a-like
Usporedba zvuka 3 kineska bluetooth zvučnika.
Po meni najbolji je DC932a makar nema utor za microsd karticu kao ova druga dva.