Review: Thinkbox mini bluetooth speaker S07U

*Edit #2: I can now say that this speaker is pretty much trash, it didn’t break or anything, but the charge doesn’t last for more than 20 min., really don’t recommend this anymore.*

*Edit: Seems like a lot of people in the comments have been having problems with this speaker, so be warned.*

Couldn’t find much onfo on this gadget so I thought I’d give my take on it. It would have gotten a higher score if it didn’t have the lights and if the features were more functional.

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Sound comparison of 3 chinese portable bluetooth speakers

Sound comparison of 3 chinese portable bluetooth speakers.
DC932a / Xcsource / Jambox look-a-like
Usporedba zvuka 3 kineska bluetooth zvučnika.
Po meni najbolji je DC932a makar nema utor za microsd karticu kao ova druga dva.


What’s the Best Bluetooth Speaker 2017 ?

Picking a Bluetooth speaker can be really tough. There are so many but which one is the best ? Well those are the speakers i’ve tested in 2016 – For 2017 i will try bose , JBL and more πŸ™‚
EasyAcc BT28S:
Archeer Bamboo:
Xiaomi Clock:
Archer A226:
Dockin D:
Harman Kardon:
EC Technology:
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China Made Bluetooth Speaker (GS805)

==Listen to its sound quality with your headphones or PC speakers with woofer to hear the sound quality of this portable speaker!==

China made Bluetooth speaker which I purchased off a street vendor in Mongkok night market, Hong Kong.

Despite its bad English “intelligent voice” function when you turn it on, it sounds pretty descent for a small speaker and price.

It comes equipped with dual full range stereo speakers on both left and right with passive oval shaped bass driver in the middle. Wattage is unknown. Should be about 5 watts and below.

This was priced at HKD 145. How do I get this price? Go shop when they are closing before midnight!!

Video was recorded with iPhone 6 Plus.