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10 Bluetooth Speakers Comparison for sub 100 USD [4K UHD]

http://techvideo.de – 10 Bluetooth Speakers for sub 100 US Dollar in a short Comparison at home. Mostly German and Chinese Companies here but also with Logitech’s UE and Jabra on Board. Enjoy and sorry for the late upload!!! Peaq PPA20BT: http://goo.gl/9KdTNZ Peaq PPA80BT: http://goo.gl/J8hQcE Peaq PPA120BT: http://goo.gl/3fQ7uc Logitech UE Mobile Boombox: http://goo.gl/YX75BG Inateck: http://goo.gl/YKM78X Rapoo […]

Test Music Portable mega bass bluetooth speaker AliExpress / Тест басовая колонка из Китая

This item / Этот товар: http://ali.pub/cvm0t http://ali.pub/ua15l AliExpress:http://ali.pub/8dcr7 Test sound super #mega #bass #loud #chinese #portable #bluetooth #speaker mp3 best #AliExpress Fm radio outdoor test indoor test Тест портативная акустическая система колонка из Китая беспроводная мп3 и фм радио тест на улице и в помещении Тест & обзор товаров из Китая AliExpress Test & reviews […]

Huawei Speaker Bluetooth AM08 – Review & Unboxing (360º 3D Surround)

Bienvenidos de nuevo a ERdC !!! El altavoz inalámbrico que tenía ganas de probar, por fín el Huawei Speaker Bluetooth AM08. Posee un diseño muy bonito y de calidad, y logra un sonido equilibrado para tener solo unos 1.8W, además nos trae una batería de 700mAh, que nos da una autonomía de hasta 4 horas. […]

“Fake” Dr. Dre Beats Mini Bluetooth Speaker Teardown – For Fun!

In this video I teardown a super cheap (quality and price) Chinese bluetooth speaker. It uses the RDA 5851s SOC (system on a chip). Can it be considered a “fake” if Beats never made such a product? Let me know what you think? source