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How to use Remote Desktop Connection – Remote Desktop Connection lets you remotely control a Windows machine from a PC or Mac from anywhere in the world, for free. In this tutorial, I will show you how to set it up and get it working.


Windows 10 desktop computer on the Raspberry Pi: NComputing unveils $99 RX300 Computer

Official intro:

The RX300 thin client will be available to firms from the end of this month.

A thin client is a lightweight computer that is purpose-built for remoting into a server (in most cases cloud or desktop virtualization environments). It is dependent seriously upon a second computer (its server) to satisfy its computational roles. This is not the same as a regular desktop PC (fat client), which is a PC built to take on these tasks independently. The specific roles assumed by the server could vary, from hosting a shared set of virtualized applications, a shared desktop stack or virtual desktop, to data processing and file storage on the client’s or user’s behalf.

NComputing has announced a Windows thin client built around the $35, mastercard-sized Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

The RX300 thin client provides entry to an assortment of Windows desktops, which include Windows 10, which are streamed from a central machine by NComputing’s vSpace Pro 10 desktop virtualization software program.

The software allows firms to provision a centrally managed Windows desktop to 100s of RX300 clients.

NComputing says its vCAST streaming technology enables full-screen video playback of full HD local or web-based video on the clients, without the necessity for the central servers to possess a top notch GPU. Nevertheless, registration to this vCast technology is only provided for six months time after purchasing the RX300.

Every single thin client has 4 USB v 2.0 ports, with full USB redirection and server-side device drivers for the provision of support for a collection of peripherals.

The $99 RX300, which is geared towards schools and small middle enterprises, can be run as a thin client to access a virtual Windows computer or as a local Raspberry Pi Computer, running the Pi’s official Linux-based Raspbian OS.

NComputing declares the thin clients are designed to be easy to configure and receive updates from vSpace Pro 10 servers routinely.

Young Song, NComputing CEO, stated he decided to base the client around the Raspberry Pi 3 as a consequence of board’s value for money and transportability.

Each and every RX300 arrives along with a free one year connection license to vSpace Pro 10, with each subsequent year priced at $49 for every consumer.

NComputing’s vSpace Pro 10 can easily stream a Windows desktop to one single client from Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 or possibly Windows Server. To stream a desktop to several clients, vSpace Pro 10 ought to be running on Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 U1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Multipoint Server 2011 or Windows Multipoint Server 2012-the corporation will also need to pay for the appropriate Microsoft client access licenses.

The NComputing RX300 series will be on the market all around the world in late February thru merchants.

The RX300 is not the 1st thin client to be released founded on the best-selling Raspberry Pi. In 2016 Citrix and ViewSonic presented the $119.99 SC-T25 Raspberry Pi 3 Thin Client.

RX300 Functions Datasheet



Tutorial Eagle in Limba Romana Partea a II-a PCB-ul (circuitul imprimat) [RO]

Tutorial Eagle in Limba Romana Partea a II-a PCB-ul (circuitul imprimat) [RO] Daca ai intrebari, sugestii sau doar vrei sa faci prezenta, lasa-mi un comentariu, le citesc pe toate!
Poti descarca Eagle de pe:
Poti calcula latimea traseelor cu acest program:
Daca vrei sa intelegi logica din spatele rutarii ai aici cateva referinte foarte bune, publicate de marii producatori de integrate:
Am ucis Limba Romana dar sper ca acest tutorial sa te ajute sa incepi sa proiectezi propriile tale circuite imprimate.
Have fun, be different and learn differently.


Eagle PCB Design With Matt Berggren


Eagle is a household reputation for almost all Hackaday regulars. Here is your chance to read about approaching features, have your ‘how do I do this in Eagle?’ questions clarified, and have your wishlist items heard. Come along on Friday at 12:00 PST for a realtime Hack Chat with regards to the Eagle PCB Design software package.

Hosting this week’s conversation is Matt Berggren, commonly known on as technolomaniac. Matt is the Director of Autodesk Circuits and with Autodesk’s purchase of Eagle last summer, the well liked schematic design and PCB layout software falls under his grasp. He has a large record in designing printed circuit boards -if you can possibly do it in EDA software program he is sure of how -this can be a fantastic chance to get replied the questions that have been stumping you.

Really do not pass-up this Hack Chat! Right here is a very helpful web-based gadget for helping switch 1/13/17 at 12:00 PST to your local time.

Here’s The way you can Partake:

Hack Chat are live community events that happen in the Hacker Channel. Pay a visit to that website page (remember to be logged in) and try to find the “Join this Project Button” in the top right. After you are part of the Hacker Channel, the button will plunge to “Team Messaging” which takes you to the Hack Chat.

You don not ought to lose time waiting for Friday, join Hack Chat at any time when you adore and check what the community is dealing with.

Come Along Next Week Way too for KiCad!
Are you more of a KiCad man than an Eagle man? You need to still go to this week to determine if Matt changes your thinking. But keep away your schedule next week when Wayne Stambaugh, one of the lead developers of KiCad will come along for a Hack Chat on Friday, 1/20/17.