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Wireless Mini Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers at GadgetsFactory!

http://www.gadgetsfactory.com/ Take this mini Bluetooth speaker with you anywhere! Just charge it up by connecting it to your computer via USB cable, pair with your smartphone, tablet, or any other music playing device and you’re all set for up to 10 hours of music! Easy to set up and it sounds great! This little speaker […]

Newsun Factory Tour, Portable DVD Players, Power Banks and Bluetooth Speakers

This is my 22 minute tour of the http://www.sznewsun.net.cn Newsun Portable DVD Player and Power Bank factory. Newsun has been manufacturing these Portable DVD Players for 8 years, they manufacture 150 thousand of them per month. They also make power banks and bluetooth speakers. This is a tour around their sales offices, the R&D engineering […]

OUKITEL K10000 PRO factory manufacturing process

OUKITEL K10000 Pro has got unique design from other devices, how is it produced? Check out this video. K10000 Pro: http://www.oukitel.com/products/k/k10000-pro-69.html OUKITEL Official FB: http://www.facebook.com/oukitelmobile OUKITEL Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/oukitelmobile source

How your smartphone is made – A look inside a phone factory in India

Many smartphone companies of the world are manufacturing their smartphone models in India. This video takes you inside one such factory. The assembly line readies over 10,000 smartphones in a day, and the process includes comprehensive tests that take around as much time as that of assembling the phone. For more technology news and phone […]

Estimote Beacons Factory

Ever wonder how smart beacons are made? We want to take you on a journey of a beacon’s manufacturing process. It all starts with the core electronic components. Each beacon is in fact a tiny computer. Inside is a powerful 32-bit ARM® Cortex M0 CPU with 256kB flash memory, an accelerometer, a temperature sensor and […]

Solar Energy PCB Board Fabrication And PCBA Service Providers 2016

Please Contact us for all your High Volume PCB needs from 2L to 8L PCB’s at a very Competitive Price without Comprise on Quality . E-mail : ajay@fornet.co.in Solar Energy PCB Board Fabrication And PCBA Service Providers 2016 YingStar Technology In accordance with http://www.yingstar-pcba.com/choose.asp YingStar Intro To comprehensively offer our consumers professional services with fast […]

USB Bluetooth PWB Mfg And Assembly Suppliers List

This video shows footage from the factory where Replicape is being manufactured, both the PCB and PCBA process is shown. USB Bluetooth PWB Mfg And Assembly Suppliers List YingStar Technology Based upon http://www.yingstar-pcba.com/choose.asp YingStar Overview To extensively offer our shoppers professional services with basic time and minimum pricing, YingStar Electronics does have its Printed Circuit […]