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TheraGun featured in “Killer Legs” documentary

Elite athletes need elite treatment. That’s why rising action star, Alex Wraith called on Dr. Jason Wersland and the Theragun to help get his body ready for an attempt to break the record for world’s fastest kick; set by Bruce Lee (reportedly kicking 72 mph). The following documentary promo was filmed at USC’s Biomechanics Research […]

64,000+ NComputing Virtual Desktops Deployed in Pakistan

64,000 NComputing virtual desktops deployed for over 4000 labs in Pakistan source Windows 10 desktop on the Raspberry Pi: NComputing roll-outs $99 RX300 Computer Official intro: https://www.ncomputing.com/en/products/rxseries The RX300 thin client will be offered to firms from the end of this month. A thin client is a handy PC that is purpose-built for remote entry […]