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Newsun Factory Tour, Portable DVD Players, Power Banks and Bluetooth Speakers

This is my 22 minute tour of the http://www.sznewsun.net.cn Newsun Portable DVD Player and Power Bank factory. Newsun has been manufacturing these Portable DVD Players for 8 years, they manufacture 150 thousand of them per month. They also make power banks and bluetooth speakers. This is a tour around their sales offices, the R&D engineering […]

A-Sure Bluetooth wireless speaker from ebay china. Review

Quick review of a Asure Bluetooth wireless cordless rechargeable portable speaker from china ebay. Comes with 3.5mm jack plug for other MP3 devices and has a removable battery. source

TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review Home Automation & Voice Control via Amazon Echo

Get it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1SmC9bR TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review Home Automation & Voice Control via Amazon Echo This is my new favorite toy! This awesome IoT (Internet of Things) home automation WiFi outlet lets you control whatever is plugged into it from anywhere in your house and anywhere in the world via the […]

Svein-Egil Nielsen, CTO of Nordic Semiconductor, enabling wearables, IoT, Bluetooth beacons and more

Nordic Semiconductor provides ultra low power ARM processors, to enable Bluetooth Smart devices, they are in wearables, smartwatches, rings, pens, wireless chargers, bluetooth beacons, smart home IoT. Nordic Semiconductor partners with many module makers who take the Nordic Semiconductor chips to adapt it to every type of suitable market. They showcase their support of Apple […]

iBeacon Hardware Demo Example

In this iBeacon demo, we discuss Bluetooth Low Energy chips and show a number of different beacon options. We cover what values an ibeacon advertises, Apple’s advertising wrapper, key items to consider when evaluating beacons, and the ibeacons we plan to use in our custom apps and soon to be released ibeacon platform. Please feel […]

EAGLE CAD Pcb to 3D Mechanical Software

Eagle Cad PCB to 3D Mechanical software using DipTrace for 3D export and parts matching. Source Eagle PWB Design With Matt Berggren Eagle is a house-hold term for just about all Hackaday regulars. And here is the time to know about impending features, get your ‘how do I do this in Eagle?’ questions solved, and […]

4oz PCB Fabrication & PCBA Providers List

Just a little home-brew printed circuit board (PCB) production. This process is well suited for prototyping and small scale production. The printed circuited boards PCBs came from OSH Park. The solder stencil came from OSH Stencils. I’ve used OSH Park and OSH Stencil for several projects and I’ve been 100% pleased with each of their […]

Easy Autorouter eagle demo PCB manufacturing avr arduino atmega Autoroute Autorouting

This is a demo to show how powerful and easy Autorouter is in eagle. To do autorounter, you need to fine tune settings in DRC. Some DRC preset setting files that work fine: https://github.com/frankensteinXOXO/A… Source Eagle PCB Design With Matt Berggren Eagle is a house-hold reputation for almost all Hackaday regulars. And here is the […]