China Best Bluetooth speakers for iPhone 6 plus

China best outdoor speakers for iPhone 6 plus
Model: BS12
* Hand free profile
* Perfect superbass performance
* Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
* 3.5mm audio jack: work just fine with any ipod,cellphone or PC.
* Charging by USB through computer
* Rechargeable lion battery
* Operating range: 30 meters
* Playback time: 8 hours
* Charging Time: 3-5hours

Intesante Limited is one of China best supplier.
Main product: bluetooth speaker / power bank / earphone.
High quality, nice design, fast delivery.


Minor smartphone companies chase success at MWC

(1 Mar 2017) LEAD-IN:
The Mobile World Congress (MWC) technology show is the place for major smartphone makers like Samsung, Huawei and LG to shine.
But nestled in the great halls of the Barcelona convention centre are a number of minor smartphone makers hoping to find a niche.
This is the Fairphone.
Never heard of it? You are not alone.
For a minor smartphone maker it has actually sold pretty well, in total about 125,000 units shipped according to the Amsterdam based company.
But that is still a minuscule number compared to Apple, Samsung and even LG.
The 5-inch screen, 4G Android phone with 32 megabytes of internal memory costs 524 euros in Europe.
A pretty standard price for a pretty standard phone.
But it does have a few selling points. Firstly it is fully modular.
All the parts of the phone can be taken out and replaced.
The 8 megapixel camera that the phone currently ships with will soon be updated, so all owners will be given the chance to buy a better camera module.
The company says this reduces the need to constantly buy new smartphones, something that is environmentally unsustainable.
The company also claims to put extra effort into using the highest level of sustainable production methods, and that it is working towards better conditions for the workers assembling the phone.
However, you do have to take their word on it as there isn’t much as far as sustainable ratings for smartphones.
The Fairphone is one of several minor smartphone manufacturers trying to build up some momentum at the Mobile World Congress (/MWC) show in Barcelona.
But don’t expect many of them to succeed.
“This is a business that requires billions of dollars of marketing and research and development and just sort of putting out a product that a mass amount of customers would actually want,” says Roger Chen, Executive editor of the CNET technology news website.
“In terms of these smaller guys, I can imagine them being niche, you know, selling a couple of thousands of units. That’s fine for them. But you know, these are phones that most people are not really going to see.”
Another minor manufacturer, at least in the western world, is Vernee from the Chinese tech hub Sichuan.
The company has released two phones at the MWC, the Thor 2 and the Thor plus.
However the Thor 2, said to have 8 Megabytes of RAM, does not actually have the processors installed yet.
The Thor Plus on the other hand is fully functioning.
The selling point is the extremely large battery. With 6000 milliamp hours it is three times larger than the battery in the iPhone 7 Plus.
The second selling point is the price.
The device is available worldwide for 115 US dollars, a fraction of what many higher end devices costs.
“Second or third tier Chinese smartphone manufacturers are always going to be a part of the eco-system. Because we need those phones that populate the lower price points,” says Nicole Scott, editor of the Mobilegeeks website.
“But are they going to make it big time and become mainstream? Absolutely not. People need to feel that they know the brand and trust their device. There needs to be a sense of mutual trust. And random Chinese smartphone companies in general don’t inspire that,” she adds.
From China to Croatia.
Hangar 18, a Koprivnica-based smartphone manufacturer has released the NOA H10le smartphone at the MWC.
It was the first time a Croatian company has shown a smartphone at the MWC show.
The NOA H10le comes with a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen, 64 GB of internal memory, a 13 megapixel camera both at the front and back and a processor from MediaTek that the company says is the best in its class.
But the biggest selling point seems to be the intense red colour and the relatively affordable price of 350 euro.

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आख़िर कैसे बनाता है China अपना Cheap Smartphon Reality exposed China smartphone manufacture process

How Chinese smartphone manufacture process in factory
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Ebay Junk: Generic Chinese Bluetooth Speaker

Ebay Product Page –

For $7.40 this wasn’t actually that bad. You don’t have any room for modification really unless you can find out what the pin out on the chip is and do more work than what is rational. So adding a another speaker is off the table. You could add a bigger battery, but that dousn’t seem worth it to me personally.

It is fairly loud and has better sound than my phone. Its quite good but not as good as the more expensive bluetooth speakers I have heard. A noisy environment would make it very hard to hear. Plus the thing talks, I don’t like electronics that talk to me.

Its nice to have something I don’t care about that I can use to listen to music without fear of damaging it though. If you want something really loud and with high fidelity look elsewhere ofcourse.


अरे बाप रे! तो ऐसे बनता है Smartphone China में! How smartphone Assemble and manufacture in china

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Oppo was China’s leading smartphone manufacturer in 2016

Digital Marketing News;

Oppo became China’s leading smartphone manufacturer for the first time in 2016.

It beat competition such as Apple and Xiaomi, as well as its sister company Vivo, which also had a strong year.

According to the data company IDC, Oppo saw a year-on-year growth of 122% over the twelve months from January to December.

Meanwhile, smartphone giants Apple and Xiaomi saw a fall in sales of 23% and 36% respectively, over the same period.

It has also been noted by some analysts that both Vivo and Oppo price their products well below Apple and use “aggressive advertising campaigns”, leading to predictions that they are set to become long-term major players in the market.


A-Sure Bluetooth wireless speaker from ebay china. Review

Quick review of a Asure Bluetooth wireless cordless rechargeable portable speaker from china ebay. Comes with 3.5mm jack plug for other MP3 devices and has a removable battery.


USB Bluetooth PWB Mfg And Assembly Suppliers List

This video shows footage from the factory where Replicape is being manufactured, both the PCB and PCBA process is shown.

USB Bluetooth PWB Mfg And Assembly Suppliers List


YingStar Technology

Based upon

YingStar Overview

To extensively offer our shoppers professional services with basic time and minimum pricing, YingStar Electronics does have its Printed Circuit Board manufacturing area (started in The year 2002, located in MeiZhou City, GuangDong province), Printed Circuit Board assemblage manufacturing unit (set up in 2006, situated Bao’ An district, Shenzhen City) and Printed Circuit Board design staff. YingStar can supply one stop services ranging from Printed Circuit Board design, prototyping to mass Printed Circuit Board assemblage production. And when you’ve placed volume order to YingStar and your design is brand new and need to be evolved or modified in the realistic application, our proficient engineers can offer you the solid support free of recharging any extra cash.

Economical Price

YingStar routinely provide about 5000 commonly used elements from top notch suppliers and always work with the internationally famous electronic components providers just like DigiKey, , Element14, Arrow, Avnet, Maxim and Future Electronics to ensure our logistics system is sleek and satisfy both the emergency demands and basic demands with fastest lead-time and more competitve rate.

Timely Delivery

We can do the prompt delivery and minimize customers’ wait time, simply because:
1, We on a regular basis stock over 5000 basic elements;
2, Our company has by far the most professional sourcing team and cooperate with world famous electronic components suppliers;
3, We have our own Printed Circuit Board and PCB assemblage manufacturing area;
4, We have our own design department who is going to support customers to address the complex technical problems.

Quality Guarantee

We make certain that all the goods we manufactured are 100% qualified and have at least 12 months guarantee period, but the premise is that all the elements of the products are offered by us (this include Printed Circuit Board, electronic components and assemblage task). And for those boards just partly services furnished by us, we’re only in charge of the liability of the services offered by us.


We treat all of your information as highly secret and make every effort to take care of your intellectual property (IP) rights.

The secrecy of your information is shielded with the following techniques and procedures.

Approved entry only: To external users, only authenticated users have access to information that he/she is authorized to view. To inside users, access of information is on a need-to-know foundation. Your information are compartmentalized and connected with number IDs. Such as, our production specialists who are able to access design files can only see project and customer IDs; our shipping won’t demonstrate billing info; and our accounting can’t check design files.

Security examination: We undertake frequent security review to keep our security specifications.

Deletion of information: We will get rid of any certain information when demanded.

Communicate with Us

Shenzhen YingStar Electronics Co., Ltd
Tel: 0086-755-27808878
Telefax: 0086-755-27316461
Office Address: 302, Jin Li Hua Mansion, Gong Yuan Road, Bao’An 31 District, Shenzhen City, China Local Zip Code:518101
Facility Address:
6th floor, #2 Building, Zhuguang East Road, Chuangxin Technology Park, Xinli Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China


China MOKO Tech Ltd

We Supply a Broad Collection of Circuit Card Solutions to Accommodate Your complete PCB Demands.

Moko Tech Ltd established in the year 2001, in Shenzhen, China. is an expert in circuit board fabrication & circuit board assembly, situated in Shenzhen, China. We’re focused upon producing single-sided , double-sided and multilayer board, as many as 18 layers. Besides, we could make available components sourcing and complete circuit board assembly service.

With above ten years in the field of circuit board prototype and manufacture, we’re focused on satisfying the wants of our shoppers coming from varied industries in terms of level of quality, supply, cost-effectiveness and another request(s). As being on the list of most skilled circuit board makers in China, we have confidence to be your right partners .

In China, we’re honored as the high-quality provider for a large number of businesses globally. We present all types of services including circuit board fabrication and circuit board assembly for from sample orders through batch orders.

Regarding circuit board assy, with the help of 8 high-speed SMT assy lines brought from Japan Yamaha and Sony, we make our utmost to satisfy our customers’ demands.

One-stop Service: More than and above Circuit Card Mfg

Our elevated competency in printed circuit boards is not merely restricted to circuit board fabrication but extends to virtually all associated services which include circuit board design / layout and circuit board assembly. Our highly trained design gurus can assist you to achieve economical brilliance in your multi-layer layout or we are able to design your circuit from scratch: from a easy double-sided board to complicated rigid-flex PCB applications. In 2012, our subsidiary company – Shenzhen Eastwin Trading Ltd began in an effort to facilitate international Business.

We have our 25,000 square feet cutting-edge production line to generate the quality consistency you require…

We have received the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, UL as well as ROHS accreditations. Currently our circuit board potential stretches to A thousand sqm. every day, and as for circuit board assembly can arrive at 100 mil items each and every month.

We deeply think that our solid service and expertise will wholly meet your needs. Sincerity and technology are the forces that drive our great success. We’re the perfect option for your requirements.

For further services, more concessions, or free trial samples make sure to

Connect with Us

China MOKO Tech Ltd.
Telphone: 86-75523573370
Telefax: 86-75523573370-808
Address : 4F,Buidling #2,Guanghui Technology Park,Minqing Rd, Longhua Town, Shenzhen City, China
Zip Code: 518109

In accordance with


Topscom Tech Co.,Ltd.

In accordance to :

Firm Intro

2 Decades Of Electronic devices One-stop OEM / ODM, Electronic Contract Manufacturing(referred to as ECM) and Circuit Board Assy Solutions — China Topscom

Topscom is a top Electronics Manufacturing Services (sometimes referred to as EMS) supplier devoted to offering progressive design and fabricating services to car, commercial, healthcare, prospects, telecommunications, and hi-tech companies. With fiscal year 2013 revenues of 360 Mil Dollars, Topscom helps clients design, fabricate, shipping, and gadgets that supplies clients with full design, engineering, and mfg resources that are vertically included with components to optimise their operations by decreasing their costs and minimizing the time period to markets.

Topscom can provide an wide selection of manufacturing, engineering and machining services, such as in-house highly accurate SMT mount, plastic injection casting, high volume metal stamping, die-casting and customized fabricating.

Full-furnished Sectors

Our various divisions are aligned to deliver an extensive range of fabricating, engineering and machining services:
Our SMT capacities deal with 0201, lead-Free and flip-chip techniques.
Our plastic injection molding dept is aligned with cutting-edge gear in white room and cold water cooling system. A special production line is moreover designed to detract and slice the material grain.
Our metal stamping section features CNC process center, silk machines as well as drilling machines provided by Japan and Taiwan.
In our mold tooling dept, we utilize Pro-Engineer premium software program for good design support. Employing EROWA grips, we can control the precision less than 3 ums.
To keep quality control system reliable, we regularly evaluate our test flow tables. Additionally we hold purchase office buildings in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong run by our centralized materials warehouse in Shenzhen.

Our facility is located in Shenzhen, China with a total zone of 200,000 square meters and in excess of 4,000 laborers. We extremely trust the worth of our office staff and desire to sustain a experienced frame of mind and corporate civilization that really encourages creativeness and offers job satisfaction.

The managing highlights ongoing training, open conversations, teamwork and cooperation in decision-making process.

With substantial experience of working with high-tech firms and diversified consumer base in wide product selection, we’re absolutely assured to supply superb services, high versatility, cost-effective manufacturing solutions and timely delivery for our purchasers.

Our top clients list all over the world: Rda (Australia) , Bestdl (Belgium), Sqp (France), Destst, Metro (Israel), Aji, Fujitsu, Sony (Japan), Dgsb (Malaysia), Rdi (Netherlands), Mlcroalp(Singapore), Inventron, Tempel (Spain), Imc (British), Cisco (United States).

Reach out to US

Tel: +86-755-22211988
Email address:
Cell phone :+86 13502814037
Address: No.18, Tannan Road,Tanjia Industrial Area,Gongming Street,Guangming New District,Shenzhen City, China.

HK Business office:

Address : 1st Building Weigan Center JiuLong HK
Email address: Ms.Ivy Ko)


ALLPCB Platform

ALLPCB is the first world-wide on-line platform with PCB prototyping and small-run PCB manufacture services.
From the year 2013, ALLPCB has long been aiming to deliver the most cost-effective PCB manufacture service and supply multinational SMEs with complete PCB design process and technical support from “Prototype to Production”. As a way to reach a rapid response to customers’ requests, we have introduced a highly effective service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, customer service and speedy response to difficulties result in our leading position in PCB industry.

ALLPCB gains advantage from special resources in a good many facets:

1. PCB Producers

Over One hundred China-based PCB manufacturers have became a member of ALLPCB maker circle, offering 1 To 30 layers boards for PCB prototyping and small-run PCB manufacture. They feature multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The speediest leading time might be within just 24 hours. All of the PCB manufacturer members have passed our rigid on-spot audit by experienced auditors concerning the environment, equipments, materials, accreditations and management. All of the analysis records are available and transparent via the web, being sure the manufacture capability genuineness of each PCB maker.

2. Parts

ALLPCB cooperates with about 30 widley known components providers, offering up over 5 million electronic components in stock. At the very least 95% orders placed will be sure to be shipped in a day.

3. PCB Assy

ALLPCB works in concert with over 10 PCBA manufacturers with the ability of prototype and small-run manufacture within 2 To 3 days. And also the pass rate of finished products gets to 99.9%.
ALLPCB has a potent team with 100+ consumer support employees and designers . We allow 24/7 customer service for world-wide clients by using email, telephone and real-time chat.
“Made in China, Preferred among the world” is the pursuit of ALLPCB today. ALLPCB definitely will aim to accomplish the switch from”Manufactured in China” to”Manufactured in the planet”, making the advancement of international SMEs much easier and bringing the persons much better living thanks to science!

Connect with Us

Location: 12F,West No.2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, No.71-8 ShiXiang Road,XiaCheng District, Hangzhou City, China
Email :

In line with :