World Cheapest Bluetooth Speaker! (only $10)

Just how much more cheaper can it gets?

At just US$10, this 3W speaker comes with Bluetooth capability, built in FM radio, ability to read songs from both SD Card & USB thumb drive, AUX in and acts as a hand free speaker phone too!

What the hack! They even manage to throw in two free gifts and deliver free of charge too!

What else more can you asked for?

Just for it bluetooth function alone, it is worthy purchase!
You can grab the speaker (YCW N3) @

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BeatBox S10 Mini BlueTooth Speaker (Made-In-China) -Test with Nexus4

Camera Recorder : Panasonic Lumix LX5
Device : Google Nexus4 (JB4.2.2)
Music Player : WinAmp
Music Type : MP3, 128~196kbps

Other information:
– Recorded in a room
– Device sound volume set to about 80%
– Room aircon sound audible ….

“Beat … h-h-heartbeat …
My heart starts missing a beat … My heart starts missing a beat …”

Enjoy, cheers 😉


S10 bluetooth speaker Made in China Bluetooth speaker S10 wholesale

S 10 bluetooth speaker Made in China Bluetooth speaker S10 wholesale
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China OEM Speaker – Any good?

Want a high-quality Aluminium Portable Bluetooth speaker at an affordable price? We check out this OEM 10W Bluetooth Speaker from China and see if it sound as good as it looks?

+ Super high built quality (It is indeed full metal)
+ Great design, simple and elegant
+ Affordable price

– Subpar sound quality (bad in all ranges)
– Subpar volume, was expecting more from a 10W speaker
– Was a hassle to reconnect my Bluetooth connection each time I slot in the SD card.
– The voice prompt from the speaker is always in full volume.

All in all, I do not recommend this bluetooth speaker, the sound quality is subpar and it is a real hassle operating it.

If you still want to buy this, you may do so @ (US$35)

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