Vertu Constellation: The $6000 Phone

At over $800, the newest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones are among the priciest you can buy (at least in the mainstream). But as Crocodile Dundee might say, “that’s not expensive – *this* is expensive.” I spent a day with the 2017 model of the Vertu Constellation: leather-and-metal smartphone with a button made of ruby, a screen made of sapphire, and pretty good taste in steakhouses. (And all that for just $6000!) Join me for the MrMobile hands-on of the Vertu Constellation 2017.



MrMobile’s Vertu Constellation 2017 Hands On was produced following six hours with a Vertu Constellation 2017 review device on loan from Vertu. The device was not extensively tested by MrMobile; for full analysis, see the Android Central Vertu Constellation review at the link below.


Vertu Constellation 2017 [Manufacturer’s Site]:

Vertu Constellation Review 2017 [Android Central]:

Vertu Constellation Review 2017 [Android Central YouTube]:

Vertu Company Turnover Stories:


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

“Fashionista” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:



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Fivestar Pill Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker fivestar-f808 (not beats Pill )

my this review is for Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker fivestar-f808 (beats Pill Replica) sound quality is just above average but it has many extra features which place this speaker at very good position

this is a buyer review

Link from where item was Purchased:


TheraGun: Elite Gunners (Short Version)

Dr. Jason S. Wersland, DC the founder of TheraGun shares who and how the G1 is used – Full Version.

Video Features…

US Track & Field star Lisa Barber sharing their experience with using the G1 and why it is superior to everything else in the market.

Ten year NFL linebacker, James Anderson, has been a using the TheraGun G1 for over a year now and loves how it fits into his routine.

Nine year professional baseball player, Cutter Dykstra, has been a using the TheraGun G1 and has built into his daily routine.


TheraGun Elite Gunner: Brett Fischer

Brett Fischer, founder and owner of the Fischer Institute and therapist to numerous elite professional athletes from the Arizona Cardinals to Cy Young Award Winner Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals talks about his facility and how the TheraGun has established it’s brand and product line as a leader in the space of vibration therapy.


TheraGun: Elite Gunners (Full Version)

Dr. Jason S. Wersland, DC the founder of TheraGun shares who and how the G1 is used.

Video Features…

US Track & Field star Lisa Barber sharing her experience with using the G1 and why it is superior to everything else in the market.

Ten year NFL linebacker, James Anderson, has been a using the TheraGun G1 for over a year now and loves how it fits into his routine.

Nine year professional baseball player, Cutter Dykstra, has been a using the TheraGun G1 and has built into his daily routine.


How to Setup a TP-Link Smart Plug with Google Home

This is an update from my TP-Link setup video with Amazon Echo with the Google Home.

To setup a TP-Link Smart Plug from the very beginning please see this video –
To setup a TP-Link Smart Switch from the very beginning please see this video –

Once you have the TP-Link Plug or Switch setup with the Kasa app, adding the Google Home voice functionality take seconds in the Google Home App.

This is NOT a paid endorsement.

Where to Buy:
TP-LINK Smart Plug –
TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch –
Google Home –


TP Link Smart Plug (HS100) Review

It all started with a simple idea, I want to turn that light off with out having to get out of my warm bed to do it. Enter the TP Link Smart Plug. With this smart plug you can not only turn off that light with an app on your phone, but also your voice if you have and Amazon Echo device. Perhaps you would rather have a schedule for that light to turn on and off. All this and more can be done with the TP Link Smart Plug. However, to find out all the good and the bad you are going to have to watch.

3:39 Set up
7:52 Back to review
8:15 Kasa App
12:45 Scene demo
15:13 Back to review
16:01 Alexa set up
17:17 Amazon Echo test
17:51 Back to review

Amazon link: (affiliate link)

Tech specs:
Product Dimensions 4.25 x 2.75 x 2.75″
Voltage 120 volts

Some other general tech stuff:

This video was taken using a Vixia HF R400 with these settings;
Auto .mp4 @ 35mps

Wireless mic; Audio Technica ATR288W VHF


Simple ECHO Voice Control SMART PLUG from TP-Link

TP-Link HS100 Voice activated Smart plugs have proved useful for me in utilising the power sockets in my house that are otherwise inaccessible.

Smart plugs have been on the market for quite some time now – but in recent months the prices have reduced significantly and in this video I demonstrate they are now so quick and easy to set-up, almost anyone can do it.

Purchasing a TP Link SMART WiFi PLUG
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

Echo Dot:
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

—-The basic RF remote control socket I show at the beginning can also be found on Amazon—


Q) Why didn’t you use the Belkin Wemo with the Echo
A) I wanted to try a new cheaper and smaller plug instead and then once I’d got it working I wanted to buy more of the same model to keep them in the same eco-system. I have also heard quite a few reports regarding general unreliability of the Wemo – disconnections etc. However if it works for you that’s should always do whatever makes you happy.

Q) Will this work with Google Home
A) Yes – I have been advised that it works fine

Q) Will this plug work with Apple Homekit
A) No – it does not support Homekit.

Answers to questions like these can be found on the TP link website here:
or on the smarthome website here:

Q) What is the fancy clock in the background at the beginning?
A) This –
but most people don’t want to buy one when they see the price.

Q) Why would anyone need to turn off their HiFi power supply
A) OK – weird question but here we go….my HiFi has an 8-gang power extension plugged into the wall – into this are plugged 6 components and two step-down power converters which power the Japanese 100V and US 120V devices – these step-down converters are not supposed to be left powered on for extended periods of time and therefore when the HiFi is not in use they need to be powered down. A number of the other components only power down into a standby state and they too need to be switched off when not in use due to the age of the internal transformers.

Q) Why don’t I use an extension lead with a power switch
A) This is easier for someone like me with a back problem – where bending down to flip a switch is not always possible all year round.

Q) Why (fill in question here)
A) Because I’m doing this instead.

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Jerobeam Fenderson for the intro animation:

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TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring Introduction Video

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Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

Use the free Kasa app on your smartphone or tablet to manage any device that is connected to the Smart Plug from anywhere you have internet access.


Create a smarter home by setting a customized schedule to turn electronics on and off automatically. For added convenience, your Smart Plug is also compatible with Amazon Echo Voice Control.

Learn more on our website:


Twitter:, @TPLINKNA


Tile Bluetooth Tracking Tag Review!

Apparently a LOT of folks misplace a lot of stuff… when Bluetooth tracking gadget Tile wrapped up its Selfstarter funding drive last year, it had over over 2.6 million dollars in pre-orders. Do they work? Nick from Rev3Games got a pair of Tiles from his Mom… he’s got the word on how they work, how well they work, and if it’s worth ordering ’em!


London’s Gatwick Airport presently has 2,000 beacons for indoor navigation

Complicated indoor environments for example, air-ports and department shops could be a bad dream to find your way around. Even though Google is hunting phones with 3D sensors as one possible solution for places GPS won’t precisely reach, another approach is to kit out an interior with quite a lot of Bluetooth beacons – giving mobile phone users located-locked pings to fix onto to recognise where they’re.

The UK’s second busiest air-port, Gatwick, has decided on the 2nd approach to power an indoor navigation system it’s launching as part of a bigger, multi-year transformation program.

It’s right now finished providing its two terminals with about 2 Thousand battery-powered beacons to ensure that digital map users will get a more accurate blue dot as they walk around. The beacon system will likewise be utilized to power an augmented reality wayfinding tool – making sure that mobile users will be able to be guided to a particular locations within the terminals using on-screen arrows. The beacon system is scheduled as backing up positioning with +/-3m accuracy.

Gatwick is preparing to integrate indoor positioning into some of its applications, and says it’s in discussions with airlines to take advantage of it for their own applications and services – giving demonstration of them having the capability to send push notifications to notify travelers if they’re running late, or even settle on if they should wait or offload luggage so an airplane can take off promptly.

Stores and other third parties will likewise be able to utilize the system for proximity detection of potential shoppers and delivery promoting messages – at least to those who’ve opted in to receive them.

Gatwick says it will not be obtaining any personal information through the beacons but says “generic information on ‘people densities’ in different beacon zones” will be used to help to improve airport operations – similar to queue measurement, streamlining passenger flows and eliminating over-crowding.

The airport has worked with UK startup Pointr on the system. Along with developing software and managing the system on an ongoing basis, Pointr offers an SDK with support for 3D AR wayfinding to enable third parties to access the functionality.

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