RAON System Spydereco Automatic Sensor Pipe Freezing Protection (Heat Tracing) Heating Cable RWPH-15W

Place of Origin:
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Brand Name:
RAON Spydereco
Model Number:
Conductor Material:
Copper Clad Steel
Insulation Material:
Silicone Rubber
Number of Conductors:
Pipe Heating
Using Voltage:
AC 220V ~ 240V
Electricity Consumption:
Max. Maintenance Temperature:
55℃ (at 20℃ in Air)
Max. Exposure Temperature:
Size (H * W):
2.7mm x 7m
50000 Meter/Meters per Day
Packaging Details
18~60pieces per carton box
Delivery Time
Busan Port or Incheon Airport
Lead Time
General Information

General Information

HS Code


Order Unit

1 roll

Minimum Order Quantity


(Heat Tracing & Snow Melting Heating Cable / Mat : 10rolls)

Daily Producing Capacity



CE, Russian CU(EAC), KC, Q Mark

Warranty Period

10 Years After Purchasing

Payment Methods

T/T, Irrevocable L/C, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal

Basic Price Terms

F.O.B. Busan Port / Incheon Airport, Korea

Shipment Period

Shipment will be completed within 10 days  After Balance Payment

Departing Port

Busan Port or Incheon Port (Ocean Freight ) Incheon Airport (Air Freight)


Company Information

Introdution of Raon System Corporation

No.1 Electric Heating System Manufacturer

The No.1 Manufacturer of highly efficient heating system!

Raon System Corporation!


Our company – Raon System Corporation – was established in 1998 as a specialized manufacturer of electric heating products.


Our company – Raon System Corporation – is the leading company which has the best technique based on the accumulated long production experience and continuous R & D.

In addition, we developed the cutting-edge production facilities. On the basis of such the latest facilities, we are manufacturing almost full range of electric heating cables, such as ; floor heating cable, floor heating mat, snow-melting cable and mat, deicing cable, pipe tracing cable, green house cables, etc

We registered 7 patents and 4 utility models. As well as we acquired various international certificates like ISO9001, CE, Russian CU, Korea Electric Safety KC and Q mark(quality certificat

Our heating cable is easy and quick to install. As well as it realizes rapid and even heating effect and is the eco-friendly product without electromagnetic waves. Moreover, we always uses highest quality raw materials for production, so it has long product span and safe.

Furthermore, we developed constant-temperature heating cable “Spydereco” which is possible to compose the circuit through cutting following the installation space shape for the first in the world. It overcomes the weakness of usual constant-temperature heating cable which is not possible to cut.

Actually, our heating cables are exporting to more than 20 countries including China, Japan, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan etc…

Raon means “fun” in pure Korean word, which expresses our desire to make the world where everyone lives a pleasant life.

We will continuously strive to lead the development of safer and more convenient products with differentiated technology.

Are you interested in electric heating cables?

Please consult with our Raon System Corporation.

Raon System Corporation will become the most stable and reliable business partner to you.




Specifications of Raon System Corporation Heating Cables


Usage Floor Heating Snow-Melting Freezing Protection for Pipe
Conductors Design Double Conductors Triple twisted Conductors Triple twisted Conductors Copper Bus Wire : 1.25mmx 2 Single Multi Conductor      
Using Voltage 220V (Vmax: 240V) 380V or 220V 220V (Vmax: 240V)
Normal Power Output 30W/m 18W/m 15W/m 25W/m 35W/m 15W/m 30W/m 50W/m
Max. Maintenance Temperature 95℃ (at 20℃ in Air) 65℃ (at 20℃ in Air) 65℃ (at 20℃ in Air) 60~70℃ (at 20℃ in Air) 95℃ (at 20℃ in Air) 50℃ (at 20℃ in Air) 85℃ (at 20℃ in Air) 120℃ (at 20℃ in Air)
Max. Exposure Temperature 125℃ 120℃ 105℃   120℃ 150℃ 150℃ 150℃
Diameter 7mm 6mm 3.5mm 8.5mm x 6.5mm 7mm 4mm x 7mm 5mm x 9mm 7mm x 13mm
Applicable Standards IEC 800-30
Certificates CE, Q, CU(EAC), KC
Cable Using Length             Min: 3M / Max: 100M


Pipe Tracing Cable




Floor Heating Cables






Snow Melting Heating



Features of Products

Features of Raon System Corporation Heating Cable


Heating System which is free of electromagnetic waves 

Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation are an eco-friendly products which are harmless to human body through devising electromagnetic wave shielding structure.

Long Life Span( More Than 30 Years)


Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation use insulation jacket of superior materials like PTFE fluorine resin and have been drastically enforced insulation and physical strength of products through using 2~3 outer jackets.  


Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation enlarge the life span by increasing the length of heating element per meter to 2 ~ 3 times and minimizing the overheating stress.


High Efficiency Heating System


Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation are possible to heat up quickly by electric energy. Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation are high efficiency energy products which are possible to preserve heat in mortar layer


Radiant Heating System

Heating system which is possible to heat up the indoor air when floor is sufficiently heated


Healthy Heating System


Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation materialize the healthy heating system without noise, combustion fragrance or dust.


Supplying of Safety (Snow-Melting)


Snow-Melting Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation help safe driving and walking in winter.

Moreover it doesn’t cause damage of buildings by chemicals of snow removal.


Flexible System (Snow-Melting)

Snow-Melting Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation are suitable for installation without any restrictions following surface covering materials.  

Simple Installation (Spydereco)


Spydereco Heating Cables of Raon Sysem Corporation are simple to install and is possible to cut in accordance with installation area because of its parallel circuit structure.



OEM product Manufacturing


We are able to produce OEM products and its minimum order quantity is 5,000 meters per order.


Possible to print the Buyers Brand.

Possible to adjust electricity consumption following the usage

Possible to make heating cable for special electric voltage (AC 380voltage ~ 450voltage) and for D.C. (12 voltage, 24voltage and 48voltage), etc.





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