今までは、P板.comのサイトにて、基板外形寸法や層数、板厚、長穴の有無など、基板製造情報を手動で入力する必要がありましたが、Quadcept PCB Designerからワンクリックで基板製造情報が転送できるようになりました。これにより基板製造の仕様入力の誤りなどの人為的ミスの削減・発注作業工数の短縮が実現します。その他、見積管理や注文管理など、基板に紐付けられている情報をワンクリックで閲覧、管理が可能です。


Printed Circuit Board Manufacture in Spain

Yamamoto‘s Printed Circuit Board manufacturing area in Japan and China supply a number of support from initial prototype through production – all production sites put emphasis on high product mix in volume production across a range of technologies from the industry-common to the next-generation challenges.

Yamamoto. Enterprise Overview

Yamamoto Mfg. Ltd. started in the year 1945 in the watchcase-metallurgy business and successfully created this business in Japan, Korea, plus China.

In the year 1968, Yamamoto parlayed their metallurgical and plating expertise into Printed Circuit Boards with an initial factory in Tokorozawa Japan – Yamamoto’s initial foray into Printed Circuit Boards was motivated by a massive contract in 1968 with IBM Yasu Japan and research and development projects with a couple of top rated Japanese OEM’s. Yet another Advanced Technology factory was established in Honjo Japan in 1985 and additionally Expanded in the year 2001. Yamamoto has also new Printed Circuit Board production line in the Guangdong Province of China which established in 2008.

In Japan due to 2 Advanced Technology facilities and 2 Drill-Plating Support facilities with all over 700K sq. ft. of manufacturing space along with our production line in China mainland, Yamamoto is well positioned to back up all Printed Circuit Board technology levels internationally without ever bringing down quality.

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