How to spot a FAKE JBL CHARGE 3/JBL Charge 3 unboxing

So I ordered a JBL Charge 3 off ebay for $120, and when it was delivered I realized it was a fake. So I went out and bought a real one from a retailer, and quickly made this video showing the big differences.

Read the seller ratings on ebay before buying, and remember that if the price is too low something is probably wrong.

I forgot to mention in the video, but the fake one also has an instruction booklet, which looks nothing like the original.
Also, the device name in the bluetooth menu says “JBL Charge 3” on the real one, and just “Charge 3” on the fake.
Also the led on the real one’s power and JBL connect is white, and the fake’s is blue.

For the sound comparison:


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