Eagle PCB design software installation(Windows, MAC,Linux) 2017

I gonna show you how to install Eagle PCB design software.

1. Download, Install, Run

# All the link is given in the description
1. https://cadsoft.io/#


Engineers here at SparkFun could design 99% of our boards using the freeware version, if not for that pesky non-profit stipulation. You still have access to all phases of the EAGLE software, including the Autorouter.

2. Download the SparkFun Libraries
link1: http://microify.com/27Cw
Link2: http://festyy.com/qFJ51P

Sparkfun Libraries:Link1: http://festyy.com/qFJ4vF
Link2 : http://microify.com/27Ce

After instalation egale software, Now we install SparkFun Libraries

Run egale


Follow me. Is’s very easy


Eagle PWB Design With Matt Berggren


Eagle is a house-hold name for all the Hackaday regulars. And here is your chance to research imminent features, make your ‘how do I do this in Eagle?’ questions responded, and get your wishlist items heard. Come along on Friday at 12:00 PST for a live Hack Chat with regards to the Eagle PWB Design software application.

Hosting this week’s appointment is Matt Berggren, best known on Hackaday.io as technolomaniac. Matt is the Director of Autodesk Circuits and with Autodesk’s acquisition of Eagle last summer, the fashionable schematic design and PWB layout software falls under his acumen. He has a wide-ranging experience in designing printed circuit boards -if you can possibly do it in EDA software program he is sure of how -it is a terrific opportunity to get resolved the questions which were stumping you.

Really do not ignore the Hack Chat! The following is a easy online tool for helping switch 1/13/17 at 12:00 PST to your localized time.

Here is The best way to Play A Part:

Hack Chat are live community incidents that take place in the Hackaday.io Hacker Channel. Look at that page (make sure you are logged in) and search for the “Join this Project Button” in the top right. When you are part of the Hacker Channel, that button will change to “Team Messaging” which brings you to the Hack Chat.

You don not ought to expect Friday, join Hack Chat whenever you adore and take a look at what the community is right now speaking of.

Join Us Next Week Way too for KiCad!
Are you a greater portion of a KiCad person than an Eagle person? You ought to still stop by this week to find out if Matt changes your mind. But filter out your work schedule next week when Wayne Stambaugh, among the list of known developers of KiCad will join us for a Hack Chat on Friday, 1/20/17.

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