Smart Product Bluetooth LE Beacon Tech Manufacturer Located within China

Smart Product Bluetooth LE Beacon Tech Manufacturer Located within China

Shenzhen AXAET Technologies Co., Ltd

Started in March the year 2009, with the investment of 5.5 million yuan, we are one of the high technology corporations which brings together development and research, design, manufacture and promotion. Situated in one of the 9 key parks in Shenzhen Baoeng Technology and Science Park.

AXAET staff has around 50 members guided by general managers of rich experience research and development team, senior domestic and intercontinental sales professional team. Administrator public relations departments. Effective technical force, new technology ahead.

Strength and advantages

Experience perk
The company has a very knowledgeable, in-depth specialist knowledge and practice of seasoned research and development team. The company’s GM and other managers are authorities with rich experienced experience and organization practical experience, along with key R & D office staff have likewise years of industry practical experience, build up a large cornucopia of expertise.

Sales advantages
Since the establishment of the Corporation, in the surrounding smart hardware and solutions, the collection of a large number of practical knowledge, the domestic after years of promoting and marketing, has a high visibility and dependability, the full set of technology implementation and technology market, Will soon attain the market share and the user’s acceptance.

Administration merit
The company’s core management is smart hardware development and research and e-commerce and computer systems experts, they were as general manager of the company, R & D director, in charge of technology and market growth. In an effort to maintain the advancement of high-quality product system, the corporation applied a strict protection and management system, to deliver buyers with complete services.

Brand merits
The company thanks to data algorithms, Bluetooth le anti-loss positioning navigating technology, marketing beacon designing, Eddystone protocol communication, joined with testimonials collection in the country has an extensive good reputation. In the nation, the company moved into the LBS( location-based service) related technology earlier within the industry to develop a good reputation. The company has always insisted on applying the industry’s advanced technology to make sure that the company’s products and solutions with the technology forward-looking.

System merit
The corporation used some steps to attract the key office staff to serve the firm, via the company’s attempts in the last few years in order that most of the technical backbone in Shenzhen to give car, housing supplement, making sure that they live and work in the company and the fast expansion of employees not only to the company There is a sense of belonging, and there is great pride in business.

Technology benefits
With years of experience in beacon development and integration of pre-existing e-commerce and location-based services, the company combines proximity marketing smart beacon, huge data, LBS as well as other concepts and technologies previous to other manufacturers.


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Telphone: +86-13823529601
E-mail: olina(At)
Location: 3 Floor, Block B, Building 7, Qingxiang Road No.1, Baoneng Technology Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.


Wireless Communication Technology Producer SKYLAB

Wireless Communication Technology Producer SKYLAB

SKYLAB Profile

SKYLAB M&C Technology Co.,Ltd, centered on the manufacturing of proximity beacons and research and development of GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and various wireless devices. Endeavoring to present excellent, high-performance wireless modules and related application solutions to global buyers who require OEM/ODM service and system integrators. Focused upon developing long term market value and possible progress for purchasers.

From 2002, SKYLAB has rich developing knowledge in wireless communication domain, create a powerful team that have full experiences of GNSS/WiFi/GPRS/Bluetooth beacon hardware software development in addition to RF system.

SKYLAB provide high quality GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO and also other GNSS navigation and positioning modules, WiFi modules, bluetooth modules, including indoor positioning beacon. Deeper development of applications based upon module core will minimize customer`s overall cost and deliver cheap wireless gadgets.

SKYLAB is certified by ISO9001 Quality Control System and TS-16949 automotive industry quality standard, Germany TUV Nand.

SKYLAB headquarter is positioned in Shenzhen, The Branches are Distributed in Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hongkong and also U . S ., Warsaw, Singapore, Russia, Germany, Bombay, and so on. Providing solid support for purchasers all over the world.

Down the road, SKYLAB will keep on working on ingenious wireless technology, offering significantly more wireless modules and application solutions in line with existing market needs

Communicate with Us

SKYLAB M&C Tech Co., Limited.
E-mail: sales[At]
Addr.:6 Floor, No.9 Building, Lijincheng Technical Park, Gongye East Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


100 % Free Net Based EDA Tool Out There on

100 % Free Net Based EDA Tool Out There on

About EasyEDA

EasyEDA is Passionate About New Technology

We’re manufacturers, geeker and technical engineers. When we wished to design and build several electronic products a couple of years ago, we invested 2 or 3 weeks trying to find the best specialized tools. We demanded schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB layout yet we needed it to not be purely for Windows Operating-system and we didn’t enjoy the thought of having to pay out lots of money to pick a gigantic software suite and afterwards devote many weeks finding out how to benefit from it.

Our aim is to help designers move on from idea to constructed prototype much faster by featuring total details and collaboration software programs for electronic design. Whether you are a dabbler wishing to try your initial project or a expert technician seeking a efficiency increase, our ambition is to take out the boredom in taking a innovation to our life. We really want to hear what you are engaged on or any suggestions about how we can assist you, hence please feel free to email us.

To sum up, EasyEDA will supply you with a simplier EDA process, so you can take delight in more of the trip from a concept to a item.

Business Line And Pricing

You don’t see any totally free business models; EasyEDA has to maintain itself and as a consequence it must always keep up with the staff members additionally.

Making an effort to present you with a disruptive innovation, we deliver an incredible zero cost internet based EDA program, but yet we make an attempt to earn income from several other services, for example presenting PCB sales, PCB assy, advertisements and special project reviews by our certified electronic engineers.

Please benefit from EasyEDA, we assure EasyEDA’s root features are free of cost to every body.

Reach Us


30A, Area A, Shennan Garden Bldg, Nanshan, Shenzhen City, Guangdong
Zipcode: 518000

Business development/alliance:

Other inquiries:


Proficient PCB Fabricator Backing Prototyping And Large Volumes Based in China

China Proficient PCB Fabricator Backing Prototyping And Large Volumes


MultiTech Electron HK Limited ( site)

About us

With MultiTech started in 2006, we’ve been focusing on presenting excellent service and mind-blowing pricing for PCB Bulk quantities manufacturing and Electronic Circuit Board prototype fabricating. We produce printed circuit board prototypes up to 16 layers. With decades of expertise in circuit card industry, our workspace has used up 7,300 sqms, with more than 420 staff, the yield capacity on a monthly basis is more than 10,000 prototype projects with more than 25,000 square meterss on volume production. MultiTech is certainly one of the most important suppliers in China to deliver high standard and 100% well built circuit cards, typically give attention to High-end and High-Excellence prototype PCBs, and small-to-medium-sized mfg, our products are generally used in Medical care, Communications, Industrial Control, Computer system, Aeronautics , and Defence & military domains. With scientific management, great and steady quality, exquisite technique and seasoned service, MultiTech has won ever more attention from multinational customers including some other PCB producer.

In the mean time, MultiTech has earned the certificates just like ISO9001:2008, UL (No:E362511), ROHS, recently we’re attempting to get TS16949 & qualification for Military use.

MultiTech is able to make 1 To16 layers PCBs, aspect ratio is 26 : 1, the max finish board thickness is 4.0 millimeter, maximum copper
thickness is 12 ounces, min mechanical drilling hole size is 0.10 mm, minimum laser drilling hole size is 3mil, min line width / line space is
2.0/2.0mil. We feature rich experience in fabricating Heavy Copper PCB, Mixed Board, High Frequency Board,
High TG, High Accuracy Impedance Controlled Board, Flex-semi Board, Flex Board and so forth.

Delivery time that are required: 24-hour delivery for double-sided boards, 72 hrs for 4-Layer PCBs, we’re committed to providing PCBs
punctually with the best price, aiding our consumers to minimize their production cost and important development cycle, this will be good for them to seize more market shares.

Reach Us

Addr. : HuangTian No.2 Industrial Area, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China
Telephone Number : 86-760-88290182
Fax : 86-760-88290182
Email : sales[at]
Skype :
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Chinese Agreement Manufacturer Checklist for Your PCB Fabricating Demands

Chinese Agreement Manufacturer Checklist for Your PCB Fabricating Demands


Based on :

JA Electronics Co. Limited has been one of the main electronic manufacture service (EMS) vendors of PCB assemblies more than ten years. We are already involved in designing, manufacuturing double-sided, multi-layer rigid, flexible and aluminum PCBs.

Our central aim is to supply you with the very best quality, highly competitive price , fastest turnaround and good service. A Wide selection of printed circuit board manufacturing services are offered to exceed your most imminent demand,and reproduce it through your sample. We deliver manufacturing services to a variety of industries for instance Aerospace, Medical, Vehicle, Telecoms, Computers, Audio, Video equipment plus more.

From quotes through shipping and delivery, our PCB services are speedy, economical and devoted to total client satisfaction. The various types of fabrication comprise of single-sided board up to 20 Layers, zero-lead finishes to High TG exotic materials.

The final assembling techniques and fabrication procedures are all considered in the beginning and so our jobs are professional in presenting a quality-based product each time. With an motive to meet the needs of clients and structure long-run relationships, we have proven our excellence and advanced together with our whole customer base throughout the years.

As well as the specifications specified by our purchasers, the PCB boards manufactured by JA Electronics Co.,Ltd. meet the criteria of the Underwriters Laboratory and the IPC. Final inspection of the product is based upon the client’s criteria -full inspection.

To read more, just simply check our website Don’t hesitate to explore our facility.


Speak to Us

Needing PCB assembly services?

JA Electronics is a well-known turnkey PCB assembly producer located in China. We’re centered on supplying the excellent consumer support in the EMS field . We will respond to all your queries and we shall solve all of your difficulties .

In the event you got any queries or suggestions, don’t hesitate to communicate with us . we’ll respond within 1 working day. For faster service , call up us with one of the phone numbers down below throughout working hours.


Many thanks!

China Shenzhen Manufacturing facility
Location:3F 4th Building, Anda Industry Area , FuYong Street, Bao’an District , Shenzhen City , , China.
Telphone:+0755 61529682
Cellphone Contact:+86-135-3079-2421 (Mr.Bright Yu)

Shenzhen Operating Workplace
Address: # 7, Times Center, # 1 Gushu Rd, Xixiang Street, Shenzhen City , Guangdong ,China.TEL:+86-755-61529692 61529682


Proven methods to Choose a PCB Assemblage Service in China Shenzhen

Proven methods to Choose a PCB Assemblage Service in China Shenzhen


Imagine you devise a product concept or you have market channels for certain products, and you want to Find a company in China as a result of low product development cost and low production cost there. If you Search the product name or idea, you will discover plenty of Chinese providers / manufacturers. Yet, you still think you haven’t got one, for the reason that you are planning to find a knowledgeable and reputable one that would satisfy your particular requires and have a strong desire to work with you. A lot of persons get disheartened as they have already been talking with suppliers headquartered in China for months, but fail to move ahead. The primary reason, likely, is that they failed to determine the proper one at the outset. To successfully get a appropriate Chinese company, you may need a method. This approach will are made up of awareness, knowledge and a fair amount of homework. Below are some practical tips to locate a fitting Chinese store for your business.

Know exactly what you need

To start you really should know very well what is available and have a method to categorize the data. Below are a few categories to guide you to ponder Chinese suppliers: maker versus. Third-party service provider; Large firm vs. small family-owned; 3rd-party supplier with in-house product development capability vs. 3rd-party supplier that only buys-in and sells-out; vertically integrated maker vs. assembly-based maker; and so forth. Effectively categorizing the vendors will enable you to figure out what you must have. To give an example, if you need to import products in a limited range, you may decide on a producer in place of a 3rd-party supplier. If you are a growing business and seek specialized concern, you may hope to build up a good partnership with a small family-owned company.

Carry out some fundamental Web-based research to additionally develop your category system towards your distinct demands.There are a lot of suppliers promoting PCB assy service through the web. Prepare a data table to enable you to log the search results, and therefore the job can be carried out quicker . The table should involve columns like business name, email address, business size and scope, category check boxes (pretty important), and additionally opinions.

Use google to hunt info relevant to your product.The first 100 websites would be the best information with regards to the product of your concern. You can also get your opponents’ information and facts and get a improved sense of market segment and marketing channels.

Benefit from recommended B2B web sites or alternatively well known business directory web sites to accumulate fairly structured data related to Chinese providers. Popular B2B websites showing great information of a lot of companies are superb options. Be sure to employ native platforms, for instance ,, because you are able to connect with Chinese corporations on it and receive prompt responses. The directory web sites are usually superior methods to get industrial knowledge.

Define the list of suppliers you like to go with to a practical quantity. At this stage, you probably know what your precise requires are and what are out there. Start to get in touch with the suppliers you prefer to do business with, and furthermore build collaborations with it. Gradually, you’ll find the best. The process can be good fun and a pleasant experience.

Choose a Chinese local corporation to assist you . The native guy is sure of tips to review the service provider, a few particular business manner is a mystery for the foreign people, when you have a native guider, your entire business work are going to be not hard. Journeys to China call for a visa that can easily be found from You will find demanding conditions to be met to be qualified for a visa, like an invitation letter from the Chinese service provider. Guangdong is really a huge province and the mileage in between production facilities are usually big, so make an effort to plan your trips to vendors in a rational sequence.


Poll: Small businesses are Needing In-House Circuit Board Prototyping In-House

Poll: Small businesses are Needing In-House Circuit Board Prototyping In-House

Polling of printed circuit board (PCB) designers and makers, domestic electrical engineers, OEMs and other people excited about 3D-printed PCBs and circuits unveils that there’s boosting desire for internal prototyping for study and product development. The interest is especially keen among businesses that invest at least as much as $100,000 each year for prototyping solutions.

Of the beyond 975 respondents – that represent 31 industries and disciplines and 25 nations – involved in the online survey directed by Nano Dimension Ltd., 70 % devote around $50,000 and 14 % pointed out they spend more than $50,000 every year on circuit board prototyping. As well, a full 16 percent, or 142 participants, are shelling out more than $100,000 to outsourced prototyping vendors per year. The majority of participants explained that the prototyping service fees were very high mainly because they demand the manufacturing of complex, multi-layer PCBs – with 66 percent of the people interviewed mentioning their designs consist of multiple layers.

While more than 9 in 10 respondents mentioned their enterprises count on offsite prototyping facilities presently, about two in 3 mentioned they believe their intellectual property (IP) is at an increased risk when they do it. Most suggest they are looking for options for printing their own circuit boards inside.

“Designers and engineers visibly want quicker turn-around times and decreased danger when mailing out their design docs for prototyping,” said Simon Fried, Nano Dimension’s CBO and a firm co-founder. “But with most of the manufacturing houses based in Asia, timeliness is never an option. In fact, usually they end up with PCB boards for production that are not improved as much as they want due to the long lead times. And giving out designs usually raises the odds which the IP could be imitated or snatched.”

Even when the prototyping houses are well dependable partners, the time constraints relating to outsourcing can constrain creativity. Lots of designers depend on “safe” circuit board designs rather than exploring new ideas for fear they may lead to multiple iterations – and added delays – with the prototyping facility.

“With innovative choices such as Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 3D Printer, the electronics can finally catch up to other kinds of manufacturing that have taken advantage of additive manufacturing,” Fried said. “Our survey suggests the need exists, and the market is ready for 3D-printed circuit boards that can be made on-site quickly and cheaply.”

Nano Dimension, a leader around 3D printed electronics, hosts the survey on its web site. Answerers represent industries covering everything from circuit card producers and OEMs to engineering, defense, manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, medical-related, detectors and wearables, telecoms, energy and the others.

How will Printed Circuit Boards Advance in the Future

How will Printed Circuit Boards Advance in the Future

Complexity and down-sizing have considerably swayed computing these last years. It’s nearly difficult to conceive of a time when computers one time occupied entire spaces. Recent computers can take no more space than the palm of a hand. Nonetheless it was once argued that PCB board and PCB designers might have trouble compacting their parts.

Just how have they managed to get things so tiny? Is smaller size still the way of the long term?

Smarter and More compact circuit board Design

A large number of electronic circuit board designers carry on and feel that scaled-down is the way of the near future. But how is this done? Progressively more parts are crammed into more compact measurements, which has been possible in great part caused by 3D printing perks and brilliant circuit board design tools.

Though you will discover several costs to higher density, added benefits likewise make themselves evident, for example better clock rates and in many cases higher currents. Smaller sized devices serving higher currents frequently demand designers to consider creative solutions, like aluminium cladding or the use of ceramics. But that leads to an interesting trend: designers working more like engineers- and the other way round.

Board layout and routing used to be a quite hassle-free affair, where there were less instant concerns apart from placement for PCB designers. Such as, smaller components and better clock rates of speed generate more temperature, which require special mounting at the board-level. More and more, board designers have to artistically problem-solve for the hardware which they design to improve the end product’s dependability.

More Information, Quicker

Virtually all circuit card designers ought to be remarkably arranged to deal with all of the components generally set on a specific board. The truth is, numerous hundreds (or thousands) of components must be on an assembly these days that the job may be thoroughly too much to handle. Therefore, some have considered the worth of information pulls at the board level.

electronic circuit board design software program aid decrease the escalating difficulty of present day PCB, and automated fabrication processes have likewise grown to make available more stability and formation of a unified data device.

Designing for different Features

Several designers, motivated by space or cost, will likely design sensors right onto their PCB board. The need to create and scale complicated component shapes has created a surrounding where a lot of designers are endeavoring to incorporate many different features. You will find there’s convergence happening in the business.

And it’s not simply happening at the design level. System platforms are progressively under scrutiny, with lots of makers and designers comparing FPGA options to present micro-processor stock, considering essential periphery chips. Programmable options are growing to be the bread-and-butter of designing for PCB board. The point that their use was in the past completely the purview of industry experts is barely amazing. The technology boom has generated a staff anticipating innovation.

Testing Continue to Betters Theory

However , with as a great many breakthroughs have already been made in the field, prototyping test samples remains to be a big deal. And it’s unlikely to be one to subside quickly. However , this, way too, has become the domain of designers because they attain more access to 3D printing systems and the power to construct prototypes in-house with no waiting for a manufacturer. In fact, most of the most widespread PCB design software suites permit users to download their design files in 3D printing formats.

What Will the Future Look Like?

With boards transforming into ever-smaller, the classic computers are likely on their way out: for good. For many individuals, the mobile phone is needed more frequently than a classic computer, and it’s just a question of time frame before small, sleek options are simply the staple. and that is only some: convergence will help enterprising designers add more into machines, from touch interfaces to further more extraordinary practical inventions.


Mouser adds SPICE simulator to MultiSIM Electronic Circuit Board program

Mouser adds SPICE simulator to MultiSIM Electronic Circuit Board program

The most recent MultiSIM BLUE version of the NI Multisim PC board design software which is available from Mouser Electronics is the High grade version incorporates a Berkley SPICE simulation environment.

Regarding SPICE
SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is a general-purpose, free analog electronic circuit simulator. It is a software utilized in integrated circuit(IC) and board-level design to check the integrity of PWB designs and also to foresee circuit actions.

This can be employed to design and simulate circuits prior to laying them out in actual physical prototypes.
And to assist in organizing schematics, hierarchica design features have already been added in so that engineers can certainly incorporate classification blocks in place of a circuit after which repeat it in other parts of the design to save time frame.

The innovative Advanced version also is made up of forward and backward annotation features, allowing for engineers to transport changes from a schematic to a printed circuit board layout environment or from layout to schematic.

Mouser Electronics has been providing the MultiSIM BLUE zero-cost PC board design software, developed by National Instruments, for a couple years.

The NI MultiSim Component Evaluator by Mouser uses the Berkeley SPICE simulation engine and carries a preloaded component library coming from the distributor’s linecard.
MultiSIM BLUE helps pre-layout design convergence analysis and mixed-signal simulation, and can easily take care of electronic components as advanced as BGAs with over 1,000 pins on-pin-pitches as small as 0.8 mm.

The software tool even delivers a 3D visualization of the circuit board without any limits on the shape and size of the PC board. The PCB board layout attribute makes it possible for up to 64 layers, and is suitable for standard output file famats for example, Gerber 274X and 274D, DXF, 3D DXF, 3D IGES and even IPC-D-356A Netlist for quick design output and affirmation.

The Mouser community provides the engineer with instructions, downloads, set of training videos and subscriber online forums.