Review: Thinkbox mini bluetooth speaker S07U

*Edit #2: I can now say that this speaker is pretty much trash, it didn’t break or anything, but the charge doesn’t last for more than 20 min., really don’t recommend this anymore.*

*Edit: Seems like a lot of people in the comments have been having problems with this speaker, so be warned.*

Couldn’t find much onfo on this gadget so I thought I’d give my take on it. It would have gotten a higher score if it didn’t have the lights and if the features were more functional.

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★★★★★ – KR-8800 – Touch Bluetooth Speaker, LED Display, Call / NFC, TF Card, KR-8800 – Amazon

Handy link to this speaker on Amazon: Note: On this model (KR-8800) you will see there’s no LED display (“touch display”) like the other model (KR-8800A).

What I’m reviewing here:

Bass like a bear + roars like a tiger.

A brief demonstration (showing the pairing process) and sound.

– Epic, bassy-sound. Blew me away. (and I’ve tested a lot of bluetooth speakers!)
– Looks awesome (test the yellow color in the video).
– Fast pairing + voice prompt, letting you know it’s successfully paired.
– Auxiliary (headphone jack) in is awesome for when I don’t want to connect via Bluetooth.
– Connects perfectly from my MacBook Pro and iPhone.
– Surprisingly good range. I was two rooms away and it still was playing from my iPhone. (not suggest that you regularly be this far away, but in my tests it worked!)
– Very polite nice company who makes these; they actually sent me a sample to test and review, which says a lot about a company in my humble opinion. (no I don’t work for them)
– FM radio mode works nicely. Hint: Plug in the USB or Aux cable, even if you’re not really using it… many bluetooth speakers use these extra connections/wires as antennas for the radio. (cool eh?)

– My daughter (2 years old) got a hold of it and somehow switched the English to Chinese. Took me a while to get it back. (Here’s how: Hold down the power button on the back AND the “M” button on the front. How she figured this out, I have no idea).

Hint: Shop around for the price. They can vary on Amazon. But an excellent speaker–you won’t be disappointed with the sound.

5/5 star bluetooth speaker. My jaw dropped when I heard the epic sound come out.

Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits),
From Beau Chevassus:


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Chinese Bluetooth Speaker Review (Ashens-Like Review)

Gotta love things from China. Let’s take a look at a speaker from the mystical land with the great wall.

This video was inspired by Ashens:



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