Fixing Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitus, Knee Pain, Come to Las Vegas

Here you see me attack shin splints using the TheraGun. Shin splints are a very common response we see in the body these days. Over use, lack of maintaining the calf and shin muscles and positions we put our body in for long periods of time are just a few things that cause them these days. Things that open the area back up like you see me doing here can fix things as radical as neuropathy. Every person and case is different, but amazing things can happen.


Working On Others: Hamstrings & IT Band

Dr. Jason works on Miki Barber to showcase how to use the TheraGun G1 on hamstrings and IT band.

To get started you would put the AmpBIT at the base of the patient’s glutes on the side being treated. Apply light pressure as you move the AmpBIT 1 inch per second downwards through the belly of the hamstring muscles towards the back of the knee. Then move the AmpBIT back up to where you started. Repeat this motion several times on each of the four hamstring muscles.

Helpful Tip: sometimes it is more comfortable on the patient to have them bend their knee while you hold their ankle or foot while working on the hamstrings.

Moving to the IT bands, start by putting the AmpBIT on the side of the leg near the femoral head.

Helpful Tip: it helps sometimes to have the patient facedown and their knee bent so you can push the leg over the other leg and expose the IT band.

Apply light pressure allowing the TheraGun to float on the IT band as you slowly move the G1 down the side of the leg towards the knee while applying pressure as the patient can tolerate.


TheraGun on Winter X Games 2017

The Friday “live” broadcast of Winter X Games 2017 leading into SportsCenter featured, Elite Gunner, Jack Mitrani using the TheraGun G1 on co-host Allison Hagendorf’s back and shoulders. Needless to say she loved and demanded more action from Jack in closing out the segment. (side-note: this video features about a minute of footage leading into Jack using the G1)


The Theragun Basic Tutorial 1 doing shoulders back and neck

Here is some basic information about the Theragun. I will be doing more and more of these videos to give you guys an idea on how to use it properly.

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