Arduino Components and CC2541 BTLE Module Developers Based in China Shenzhen

Arduino Components and CC2541 BTLE Module Developers Based in China Shenzhen

Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co. Limited. is a high-tech business that develops and manufactures Arduino gadgets, electronic components, robotics, 3-dimensional printers, open-source devices, nRF51822 BLE modules, and the like. we are in collaboration with universities and technical institutions. And we have developed a series of Smart Educational Products with the separate intellectual property since 2009.

Our products have already been for sale in several countries overseas, and own good praises from our customers.

Moreover, we’re furthermore dedicated to the progression of Robot-making education in China and we want to compile the superior technology into the text, altering it as a lesson which is easier to fully grasp, add it into the teenage activity, enlightening the students and developing their capability of practice, logicality, and imagination. We embrace the venture spirit of loyalty, integrity, and ingenuity, maintain high-quality services, and to supplies our followers with best products or services.

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We Believe That “Product Quality Is The Heart Of An Company”

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Mobile Phone: +86-13620975435
Telephone Number: +86-755-33566753
Location: Room 449, Minle Blvd, Minle Village, Minzhi, Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, China


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