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Nokia Mobile Phones Manufacturing | Nokia Android and Windows Phone

Nokia Mobile Phones Manufacturing | Nokia Android and Windows Phone source

Fivestar Pill Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker fivestar-f808 (not beats Pill )

my this review is for Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker fivestar-f808 (beats Pill Replica) sound quality is just above average but it has many extra features which place this speaker at very good position this is a buyer review Link from where item was Purchased: source

Cветящаяся Bluetooth колонка из Китая с AliExpress.Обзор LED блютуз колонки Mp3, Bluetooth, FM

#Bluetooth_колонка _из_Китая_с_AliExpress Большой выбор LED Bluetooth колонок Топ самых лучших и громких мини bluetooth колонок на сегодняшний день Огромный выбор различных Bluetooth колонок Большой выбор Bluetooth колонок Gearbest Ссылка на магазин электроники Gearbest Super Bass Bluetooth колонку DG530 вы можете купить в магазине Gearbest по этой ссылке Ссылка на […]

Oppo was China’s leading smartphone manufacturer in 2016

Digital Marketing News; Oppo became China’s leading smartphone manufacturer for the first time in 2016. It beat competition such as Apple and Xiaomi, as well as its sister company Vivo, which also had a strong year. According to the data company IDC, Oppo saw a year-on-year growth of 122% over the twelve months from […]

What’s the Best Bluetooth Speaker 2017 ?

Picking a Bluetooth speaker can be really tough. There are so many but which one is the best ? Well those are the speakers i’ve tested in 2016 – For 2017 i will try bose , JBL and more 🙂 UMIDIGI: or UK: EasyAcc BT28S: Archeer Bamboo: Xiaomi Clock: Archer […]

Proximity Beacon and Solid State Drive Supplier In Shenzhen China Wellcore

Wellcore Proximity Beacon and Solid State Drive Supplier In Shenzhen China Began in the year 2006, Wellcore is a high-tech Bluetooth beacon and SSD manufacturer which has the capacity of R&D and production line in Shenzhen China. Being focused on the enterprise, industrial, aerospace and defense markets, provide industrial embedded storage devices and similar engineering […]

How your smartphone is made – A look inside a phone factory in India

Many smartphone companies of the world are manufacturing their smartphone models in India. This video takes you inside one such factory. The assembly line readies over 10,000 smartphones in a day, and the process includes comprehensive tests that take around as much time as that of assembling the phone. For more technology news and phone […]

Redmi India First Manufacturer phone procces in plant …Make in India new mi smartphone

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