Seasoned and Trusty PCB & PCBA Vendor in China

Seasoned and Trusty PCB & PCBA Vendor in China

As being a leading circuit card manufacturer and circuit card assembly business providing high-quality printed circuit board assy, we chiefly center on PCB-Assembly & PCB fabrication, and possess our own circuit card manufacturing lines. Now we have 25 years of electronic manufacturing practical experience and have already been always improving PCB assembly and PCBA soldering technology, technicians get practical knowledge and capability with us jointly.


To satisfy our buyers, we concentrate on delivering PCB Fabrication & SMT assembly Service with good quality. We have carried out the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system . The great quality guarantee system and various kinds of inspection devices help us to track an entire production process, ensure steadiness of this process and premium quality, at the same time, cutting-edge instruments and technologies are already brought in to realize constant enhancement.


All the printed circuit boards will take on the most stringent tests besides the fundamental visual check. We embrace the majority of the testing and inspecting technology of the industry, which include Flying Probe Tester, X-Ray Inspection Machine, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.


Over the years we are very proud to preserve an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We know, in addition to the circuit board’s superior quality, one other essential aspect is the least amount of lead-time, that is important for technical engineers’ research and development jobs, especially in the part of prototyping. We get the job done in three shifts to make sure your circuit cards will be delivered as planned and as soon as possible.


Our pricing structure is open and has no concealed cost inside, We will supply the ideal price, Maybe is just a small fraction of what other American or European manufacturers generally cost you. Even a lot of price-sensitive consumers just like students and enthusiasts mostly rely upon us for their PCB prototype and manufacturing orders. We attempt our utmost to avoid wasting your money and time frame.

PCBA Service

Additionally we supplies circuit card assy service for our PCB consumers. We will quote you very quickly, We will guarantee all of the components is high quality, we shall to buy elements based upon your BOM list , also our PCBA expense is competitive much like our circuit boards. All of your work may be done in one place, SMT, thru-hole or Hybrid!

As a final point, we have to say thanks to big Brands like Samsung, Sony and so on, which gave us the opportunity to provide circuit card Making and Printed Circuit Board assy services to them. Because we think that techniques are the best way to get the faith of our clients.

Either the projects are on design section, or mass production stage, a complete Tailor-made PCB design services will be offered to our consumers all over the globe. Superior equipments, veteran specialists and stern quality system make sure that the end products meet up with the quality demands of universal customers.

Poll: Small businesses are Needing In-House Circuit Board Prototyping In-House

Poll: Small businesses are Needing In-House Circuit Board Prototyping In-House

Polling of printed circuit board (PCB) designers and makers, domestic electrical engineers, OEMs and other people excited about 3D-printed PCBs and circuits unveils that there’s boosting desire for internal prototyping for study and product development. The interest is especially keen among businesses that invest at least as much as $100,000 each year for prototyping solutions.

Of the beyond 975 respondents – that represent 31 industries and disciplines and 25 nations – involved in the online survey directed by Nano Dimension Ltd., 70 % devote around $50,000 and 14 % pointed out they spend more than $50,000 every year on circuit board prototyping. As well, a full 16 percent, or 142 participants, are shelling out more than $100,000 to outsourced prototyping vendors per year. The majority of participants explained that the prototyping service fees were very high mainly because they demand the manufacturing of complex, multi-layer PCBs – with 66 percent of the people interviewed mentioning their designs consist of multiple layers.

While more than 9 in 10 respondents mentioned their enterprises count on offsite prototyping facilities presently, about two in 3 mentioned they believe their intellectual property (IP) is at an increased risk when they do it. Most suggest they are looking for options for printing their own circuit boards inside.

“Designers and engineers visibly want quicker turn-around times and decreased danger when mailing out their design docs for prototyping,” said Simon Fried, Nano Dimension’s CBO and a firm co-founder. “But with most of the manufacturing houses based in Asia, timeliness is never an option. In fact, usually they end up with PCB boards for production that are not improved as much as they want due to the long lead times. And giving out designs usually raises the odds which the IP could be imitated or snatched.”

Even when the prototyping houses are well dependable partners, the time constraints relating to outsourcing can constrain creativity. Lots of designers depend on “safe” circuit board designs rather than exploring new ideas for fear they may lead to multiple iterations – and added delays – with the prototyping facility.

“With innovative choices such as Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 3D Printer, the electronics can finally catch up to other kinds of manufacturing that have taken advantage of additive manufacturing,” Fried said. “Our survey suggests the need exists, and the market is ready for 3D-printed circuit boards that can be made on-site quickly and cheaply.”

Nano Dimension, a leader around 3D printed electronics, hosts the survey on its web site. Answerers represent industries covering everything from circuit card producers and OEMs to engineering, defense, manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, medical-related, detectors and wearables, telecoms, energy and the others.

Elephone P9000 Handset Review Report

Elephone P9000 Handset Review Report

  • Advantages
  • Google Android 6.0
    Awesome display
    Swift & wire-less charging


  • Drawbacks
  • Finger marks sensor isn’t really effective
    Camera software package requires work

Do You Know THE ELEPHONE P9000?

The P9000 is the most popular Android-OS-based smartphone from Chinese maker Elephone, which happens to be receiving a good level of popularity for its low-cost yet content handset tech.

It ships with a 5.5-” LG-crafted Liquid crystal display screen, a true Octa-core MediaTek chipset, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of inborn space for storage, easy charging, cord-less charging, NFC element, a Sony-developed 13-megapixel shooter and a finger print sensor on the back.

The Elephone additionally runs Google Android 6.0, the best and newest version of Google’s operating-system. Regardless of these kinds of fabulous technical specs, it costs you no more than $200.

ELEPHONE P9000 – Design and BUILD Quality

Elephone’s past hard work are already slightly disagreeing in relation to all round build quality and design.

The Elephone M2 looked and sensed like a high-end phone but offered middle-of-the-road performance, With the P9000, however, this company in conclusion tends to have hit the perfect balance amongst ability and style.
The P9000 uses the on-going tendency in the Android industry for metal-body mobile phones, featuring a steel frame that’s backed by a plastic panel.

Across the sides of the cellphone you will discover that a delicate chamfered effects, besides the average buttons plus inputs. On the right-hand side are placed the power switch and volume rocker, although on the opposite side there exists a control that may be tweaked to be a one-press shortcut to open up more or less any application program you would like. Easily, a long-touch of this key also sets the handset towards soundless setting, not completely dissimilar to the “mute” switch discovered on iPhone devices.

On top of the mobile handset there’s the ubiquitous 3.5millimeter earphone jack port, while on the base exists the reversible USB Type-C data & charging outlet – a future-proof function that even the fairly recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S7 does not feature. Flanking this port are two grilles, 1 housing a loudspeaker, the other the in-call microphone.

Rotating the P9000 around brings out a plastic back panel, which shows a texture which takes some becoming accustomed to. It is a matte-effect surface, which at the start appears to be it must be very soft – but nonetheless , it isn’t; to identify it as very fine-grain sandpaper wouldn’t be a million miles from the truth. I actually quite like it since it increases grip, but it also picks up marks and scratches a little too easily.

Upon the back there’s the Sony-made 21-mega-pixel shooter – together with LED flash and laser auto-focus – and the finger marks reader.
Dual-SIM option is a mainstream of the Chinese cellular marketplace, and the P9000 presents support for a pair of micro-SIM cards.

Then again, in the event that you would rather increase the size of your available storage you may use one of the SIM slots for a sd card, pleasantly boosting the quantity of available space for snap shots, music or other data.

Finger print scanners come to be relatively normal on low cost Android OS mobile phones – the Elephone Vowney & Elephone M2 each had one – however it’s very clear that firms including Elephone might be attempting to use the tech as correctly as their greater opponents.

The reader on the P9000 normally takes a second or perhaps third tap to enroll your fingerprint then un-lock the cell phone, but at a minimum you can use it to wake up the mobile phone even when the display screen is off. You could utilize it to confirm payment process on the Google Play Store, thanks to the fact that the product has Android 6.0 installed; when Android Pay affects the UK, it’s possible to team it up with the NFC chip to get contact-less payments in retailers.


Elephone with pride states that the P9000 has a 5.5in. Full HD, LG LTPS LCD on the phone’s Apple-like plastic-type packaging, and it has justification to shout about it – this screen is certainly awesome, even by upper-tier requirements.

Colours are especially punchy, contrast is amazing and viewing angles are rock-solid. When the adaptive brightness configuration is empowered, details can get a little dark, yet , at mid-to-full illumination the display confidently sings. It is easy to see in straight sunshine, too.
The producer is additionally confident to highlight that the handset has astonishingly narrow bezels – 1.6mm, in truth – on the left and right sides of the screen, which ensure that it isn’t too broad, for even a phablet-category smartphone. It is always quite big in the hands, but it really feels easier to hold than a part of its huge-screen rivals. In fact, placed alongside the Galaxy S7 – which comes with a 5.1-in display – the P9000 is just a bit taller.

Much like past Elephone handsets, the P9000 comes along with touchscreen gesture commands that allow you to open up applications when the display screen is shut off.

For example ,, tracing a “C” pattern on the resting display screen will instantly start up the snapper. All these shortcuts are straightforward enough to memorise and have the potential to be extraordinarily practical – provided you don’t use any kind of screen-locking security. Doing this implies that even when you enter the gesture, you have got to unlock your smartphone to visit the mobile app, what sort of defeats the intent. Even so, it’s tidy still.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process, Technology, Tips

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process, Technology, Tips


Printed circuit board assemblage, also called PCBA, is the process of soldering or assemblage of electronic elements to a circuit board. A circuit board ahead of assembly of electronic parts is termed a PCB board. As soon as electronic parts are soldered, the board is named Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assy (PCBA).

It must be mentioned that assemblage of a circuit board is not the same as making a circuit board. Manufacturing printed circuit boards engage several steps such as PCB board designing and making PCB prototype. Once a circuit board is prepared, electronic parts ought to be soldered upon it before being utilized in any electronic devices. This assemblage of electronic parts relies upon sort of circuit board, sort of electronic parts and moreover usage the circuit board.

Things Deparately Needed for Printed Circuit Board Assemblage

The Following electronic components and elements are necessary for PCB board assy

Electronic parts
Soldering materials which include solder wire, solder paste, solder bar, solder preforms (depending on the kind of soldering to be completed)
Soldering flux
Soldering gear such as soldering station, wave soldering device, SMT gear, inspection and testing machines etc.

Right After all the above equipment, electronic parts and all of materials are set in place, it is time to start up the process of assembly .

PCB Assembly with Thru-Hole Electronic Components

PCB Assembly

Electronic parts which have leads popping out and are positioned through tiny holes in the PCB board for soldering are known as through-hole electronic components. The assembly or soldering operation for these types of elements incorporate wave soldering and hand-operated soldering – Wave Soldering – A PCB board assemblage process in which solder in the sort of solder bar are put in a high-temp bath. This solder stays in the bath in molten form and forms a wave at very high temperature. The range of temperature will depend on the kind of solder. Conventional tin / lead (Sn/Pb) solder has lower melting point than lead-free (Pb-Free) solder. The circuit board along with the thru-hole electronic components in holes is passed over molted solder by using a conveyor strap. The complete wave soldering process consists of the below steps:

Putting in electronic components
Flux use

As soon as the wave soldering is finished, the PCBA is cleaned out and tested. If any error or solder joint is discovered, it’ll be returned for change, which is usually achieved by hand. Hand-operated Soldering – Hand-operated soldering is complete in fabricating units with less work or in rework / fix work. A superior quality soldering station, soldering iron and solder wire and flux are utilized along the process.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Suitable for SMD Parts

Surface Mount Technology or SMT is a PCB assemblage course of action for SMD (Surface Mount Device) parts. SMD elements don?¡¥t have leads and legs. They can be mounted on the surface of the circuit board. The machines, parts as well as other soldering materials consumed in this assemblage process is totally different from thru-hole soldering operation.

How will Printed Circuit Boards Advance in the Future

How will Printed Circuit Boards Advance in the Future

Complexity and down-sizing have considerably swayed computing these last years. It’s nearly difficult to conceive of a time when computers one time occupied entire spaces. Recent computers can take no more space than the palm of a hand. Nonetheless it was once argued that PCB board and PCB designers might have trouble compacting their parts.

Just how have they managed to get things so tiny? Is smaller size still the way of the long term?

Smarter and More compact circuit board Design

A large number of electronic circuit board designers carry on and feel that scaled-down is the way of the near future. But how is this done? Progressively more parts are crammed into more compact measurements, which has been possible in great part caused by 3D printing perks and brilliant circuit board design tools.

Though you will discover several costs to higher density, added benefits likewise make themselves evident, for example better clock rates and in many cases higher currents. Smaller sized devices serving higher currents frequently demand designers to consider creative solutions, like aluminium cladding or the use of ceramics. But that leads to an interesting trend: designers working more like engineers- and the other way round.

Board layout and routing used to be a quite hassle-free affair, where there were less instant concerns apart from placement for PCB designers. Such as, smaller components and better clock rates of speed generate more temperature, which require special mounting at the board-level. More and more, board designers have to artistically problem-solve for the hardware which they design to improve the end product’s dependability.

More Information, Quicker

Virtually all circuit card designers ought to be remarkably arranged to deal with all of the components generally set on a specific board. The truth is, numerous hundreds (or thousands) of components must be on an assembly these days that the job may be thoroughly too much to handle. Therefore, some have considered the worth of information pulls at the board level.

electronic circuit board design software program aid decrease the escalating difficulty of present day PCB, and automated fabrication processes have likewise grown to make available more stability and formation of a unified data device.

Designing for different Features

Several designers, motivated by space or cost, will likely design sensors right onto their PCB board. The need to create and scale complicated component shapes has created a surrounding where a lot of designers are endeavoring to incorporate many different features. You will find there’s convergence happening in the business.

And it’s not simply happening at the design level. System platforms are progressively under scrutiny, with lots of makers and designers comparing FPGA options to present micro-processor stock, considering essential periphery chips. Programmable options are growing to be the bread-and-butter of designing for PCB board. The point that their use was in the past completely the purview of industry experts is barely amazing. The technology boom has generated a staff anticipating innovation.

Testing Continue to Betters Theory

However , with as a great many breakthroughs have already been made in the field, prototyping test samples remains to be a big deal. And it’s unlikely to be one to subside quickly. However , this, way too, has become the domain of designers because they attain more access to 3D printing systems and the power to construct prototypes in-house with no waiting for a manufacturer. In fact, most of the most widespread PCB design software suites permit users to download their design files in 3D printing formats.

What Will the Future Look Like?

With boards transforming into ever-smaller, the classic computers are likely on their way out: for good. For many individuals, the mobile phone is needed more frequently than a classic computer, and it’s just a question of time frame before small, sleek options are simply the staple. and that is only some: convergence will help enterprising designers add more into machines, from touch interfaces to further more extraordinary practical inventions.


Circuit Card Vendor & Producer

Circuit Card Vendor & Producer


Circuit Card Supply

At FASTBOM, we offer circuit cards for the dynamic electronics industry. We are able to manufacture rigid PCBs, flexible circuit boards, semi flexible PCB boards, and rigid flex PCB boards, and we support nation wide and international prototyping so we are able to provide low, medium to high volume production. We are able to cover the complete range of circuit board manufacturing from the very basic to the most complicated multi-layer circuit boards.

We’re dedicated to offering the top level of quality you desire for your electronic products, which explains why we make every effort to consistently present the final results you need. Our supply chain is well equipped and capable to take on any type of project. Make contact with us presently and inquire a quotation to find out more about what we are able to do for you.

Dedicated Service and Good Products

FASTBOM personally communicates with each manufacturing unit directly to ensure that our consumers get the circuit boards that meet their criteria. We have managed a relationship with every of these plants for no less than Three years, and we’re positively visiting them and validating UL, ISO, and IPC1710 quality criteria. With domestic providers, we are going to also confirm that they are ITAR compliant when necessary.
We go with suppliers in other manufacturing industries and supply creative value-added services to help deal with your amount of work. These solutions consist of:

Total Inventory Administration
Made to order Item Labels (private label)
Effortless Stocking Programs
Customs & Logistics Handling

Material Organization

Material Management is our job. We’re one of the few PCB vendors that can take care of material consistently and skillfully.

We have expended an excessive amount of effort and time into our platform that copes with product for all kinds of consumers. This allows for our purchasers to make use of the a lot more competitive pricing structure by buying larger quantities but still staying their product off the books until it’s unquestionably desired.

We Ship When Needed or by Timetable

Our MRP and book keeping system allows us to keep a close eye on when product needs to ship making it earlier or on-time according to a PO shipping and delivery date. Additionally, in case you have a pull-in on your order, we are able to deal with and ship on the same day as required. A First-In, First-Out Stock Management applies to printed circuit boards as well, for instance date codes and delivery requirements. We can track date codes to make sure you are gaining product that is built first and delivered according to your schedule, and we can easily process orders scheduled from 2-3 months up to 12 months or even more or as necessary.

Focus on Particulars
Certificates of Conformance are invariably supplied with each shipment, and various document controls are additionally used to guarantee products fulfill the necessary specs. Our staff always examines inward bound shipments to assure the product labels, documentation and other particulars are exact.

We have secured an ecologically storage facility by paying close attention to all the details. We wish to maintain your circuit boards safe from the elements. As required, tailor-made branding for your product is readily available.

Let’s Address Customs and Logistics
Nobody wants to tackle customs unless they have to, and we make the entire process rather easy. As part of the service, we cope with all the customs and shipping so you do not need to.

As a top printed circuit board providers, we are devoted to electronic circuit board prototype making and assemblage solutions, providing our clients with quality, reliability and a lot of products.

We offer various professional PCB fabrication solutions. Additionally we provide state-of-the-art circuit card solutions and extraordinary circuit board manufacturing services with our special program, latent tools and professional techs and engineers for you.

Inspite of being one of the biggest printed circuit board vendors, we continue to provide our customer base with great, hands-on support services for every single order.

Contact us for more information on our PCB services, or have a instant PCB quotation.

Mouser adds SPICE simulator to MultiSIM Electronic Circuit Board program

Mouser adds SPICE simulator to MultiSIM Electronic Circuit Board program

The most recent MultiSIM BLUE version of the NI Multisim PC board design software which is available from Mouser Electronics is the High grade version incorporates a Berkley SPICE simulation environment.

Regarding SPICE
SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is a general-purpose, free analog electronic circuit simulator. It is a software utilized in integrated circuit(IC) and board-level design to check the integrity of PWB designs and also to foresee circuit actions.

This can be employed to design and simulate circuits prior to laying them out in actual physical prototypes.
And to assist in organizing schematics, hierarchica design features have already been added in so that engineers can certainly incorporate classification blocks in place of a circuit after which repeat it in other parts of the design to save time frame.

The innovative Advanced version also is made up of forward and backward annotation features, allowing for engineers to transport changes from a schematic to a printed circuit board layout environment or from layout to schematic.

Mouser Electronics has been providing the MultiSIM BLUE zero-cost PC board design software, developed by National Instruments, for a couple years.

The NI MultiSim Component Evaluator by Mouser uses the Berkeley SPICE simulation engine and carries a preloaded component library coming from the distributor’s linecard.
MultiSIM BLUE helps pre-layout design convergence analysis and mixed-signal simulation, and can easily take care of electronic components as advanced as BGAs with over 1,000 pins on-pin-pitches as small as 0.8 mm.

The software tool even delivers a 3D visualization of the circuit board without any limits on the shape and size of the PC board. The PCB board layout attribute makes it possible for up to 64 layers, and is suitable for standard output file famats for example, Gerber 274X and 274D, DXF, 3D DXF, 3D IGES and even IPC-D-356A Netlist for quick design output and affirmation.

The Mouser community provides the engineer with instructions, downloads, set of training videos and subscriber online forums.

Rigid-flex Electronic Circuit Board Design Eliminates Wearable Medical System Complications

Rigid-flex Electronic Circuit Board Design Eliminates Wearable Medical System Complications


The vast majority of printed circuit boards in the world today are simply rigid plates for connecting circuitry. However, that’s changing rapidly; the requirement for flex electronic circuit boards (or flex circuits) is aggressively increasing largely thanks to the booming wearable product industry. Probably the most significant segment of that market is the medical industry where wearable products will be utilized to collect all varieties of biological records for examination and study, as well as individual health use. Actually wearables are offered to keep tabs on heart rhythm, blood pressure levels, glucose, ECG, muscle movement, and a lot more.

The wearable devices bring many troubles for PC board designers that rigid boards don’t. The following are some of such problems along with what designers can do to help remedy them.

3 Dimensional Design

While each PC board is certainly 3 dimensional, flex circuits allow the entire assembly to be bent and folded to adapt to the package that the merchandise uses up. The flexible circuitry is collapsed to ensure that the rigid PC boards easily fit into the product package, occupying minimum space.
There is a lot more to the design, so the added challenges, than simply connecting the rigid boards. Bends have to be properly designed so boards get in line where they are meant to mount, while not placing stress on the connection points. Up to recently, engineers actually used “paper doll” models to emulate the circuit board assembly. At this point, design tools are offered that offer 3D modelling of the rigid-flex assy, helping more rapidly design and a lot greater precision.

Little Items and Squeezed Circuitry

Obviously, wearable products are required to be tiny and inconspicuous. Previously, a healthcare “wearable” maybe a Holter pulse rate monitor integrated a fairly large exterior device with a neck strap or maybe belt mount. The recent wearables are small and attach straight to the sufferer without any or very few external cables. They collect many different data and are able to even process several analyses.

An highly discreet device affixing straight to the patient dictates flex circuitry and really compressed layouts. Moreover, the board shapes usually are spherical or even more unusual shapes, requiring clever placement and routing. For this sort of tiny and dense boards, a PC board tool that is designed for rigid-flex designs helps to make handling unusual shapes easier.

Stackup Design is vital

The stackup – the map of the electronic circuit board layers – is critical when you use rigid-flex techniques. Perfectly, your PCB design software has the ability to design your stackup including both the rigid and flex parts of the assembly. As said before, the layout of the folding area ought to be built to decrease the stresses on the traces and pads.
One of the primary challenges with rigid-flex designs is qualifying multiple producers. After the design is fully gone, all aspects of the design is required to be communicated to the board fabricator so it will be effectively produced. But, the best practice is to pick one or more makers at the start of the design and work together with them to assure your design satisfies their manufacturing needs as the design moves on. Taking part with manufacturers is made simple by employing standards. In cases like this, IPC-2223 is the vehicle for getting in touch with your fabricators.

As soon as the design is done, the data package has to be assembled to hand-off to be produced. Though Gerber remains employed for standard PCBs in some companies, in terms of the difficulties of rigid-flex, it is strongly advised by both PCB program vendors together with fabricators that a more intelligent data exchange format be utilized. The 2 most wellwell-known intelligent formats are ODG++ (version 7 or higner) as well as IPC-2581, as both versions precisely define layer standards.


Photive BTH3 Headsets Overview

Photive BTH3 Overview


Quality Of Sound

Both of the Photive BTH3 and BTX6 apply 40 mm drivers, though listening for only a few seconds can make it clear that they don’t work with the identical 40 mm drivers. The sonic signature of each and every pair of headphones is significantly different from one other, and is very much intended for several types of buyers.

In trying the BTH3 I listened to both a mobile phone (a Motorola Moto X) connected via Bluetooth, and to Hifi FLAC audio recordings and CDs via the 3.5 mm audio cable, linked to a home PC by using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface. Usually, I played music of all types of genres, and then a couple of podcasts and an audiobook.


The highs are crystal clear and crispy, pretty much to a fault. The highs aren’t excessively accentuated, but there’s a crispy sort of sizzle to the highs which isn’t usually noticeable, however , was obvious on some songs.


The mids are clean and crystal-clear, with no slightly boxy sound which is so present in single-driver headsets in this price bracket. You can find an observable mild boost around the 1 kHz range, which can be presumptively there to offer vocals a small boost. This is slight enough to not be annoying, and doesn’t detrimentally impact the sound.


In contrast to the Photive BTX6 headphones and their X-Bass branding, the bass isn’t mind-boggling or hugely emphasised in the BTH3. It is not missing or thin-sounding either – it’s simply not clearly boosted as with the BTX3. Bass response is slightly on the slow side, so a slight lack of tight focus can turn up in some kinds of music, with fast metal or punk as the notable instances here.

Soundstage was astoundingly excellent for closed-back headsets, regardless if using them by Bluetooth. I know Bluetooth sound has made great progress , even so, this still impressed me a lttle bit. In general, this is a well-balanced and pretty good sounding pair of earphones, and I indeed favored the sound of the BTH3 to the higher priced BTX6, even if I’m not sure that this viewpoint is going to be shared.

Build & Design

Perhaps you may imagine, with the Photive BTH3 to be the more cost-effective of these two, these earphones will not be as cheesy looks as the BTX6. Whether or not this is a poor thing is really for you to decide. They are most certainly not an unpleasant pair of earphones, and while they don’t have the bold shape along with a lot more style-focused design of the BTX6, they are furthermore not nearly as odd looking. These are also on the leaner side, different from the bulky BTX6.

This is a quite comfy pair of headsets. It may lack the slightly puffier ear cushions of its more pricey sister, but as these are lighter, too much cushioning is not really necessary. After about two hours of use, I absolutely could feel that I was putting on headphones – these don’t vanish the way in which more expensive earphones like Bose’s SoundTrues do – however they didn’t feel irritating or significantly uncomfortable, even after that long. Probably because that they aren’t foldable, the BTH3 are more adaptable than the BTX6 headsets. The ear cups rotate lots, and along with the adaptable headpiece, it’s really simple to find a good fit with these headsets.

You should never stress about carrying these around with you either. Despite the fact that they aren’t foldable, they go with a hardshell case that isn’t such larger than the headphones themselves, that being said you can be able to quickly maintain them guarded. This really is nice to see, as we’ve discovered way more costly headsets offer only a soft case, or no case in any way.

Connectivity Choices

Pairing the Photive BTH3 headsets with the gadget of your liking is a fairly straightforward process. Although these do not feature the voice directions and cues that the BTX6 do, the flashing light on the side of the left ear cup is sufficient of a cue to make it easy to figure out that they automatically initiate broadcasting as soon as you turn them on. Strangely enough, this pair of earphones has a standalone power control key and standalone play/pause press button, unlike the multi-function press button applied to a large amount of headsets

While we’re talking about buttons, the BTH3 earphones are jamjam-choked with them. The left ear-cup holds the above play/pause button and furthermore the forward / skip and rewind / back buttons. The right earear-cup holds the power key and in addition dedicated volume level buttons. Again, many people might hesitate at the sheer number of control buttons here, but I think it is rejuvenating to have some much control easily available. In comparison to some headphones, all the control keys worked faultlessly with my Moto X during testing.


2016’s PWB Corps Listing in China

2016’s PWB Corps Listing in China


Leadsintec Inc.

Source :

Leadsintec Co.,Ltd is an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) supplier situated in Shenzhen China since the year 2004. As Being an ISO 9001 accredited electronics contract brand, our company offers a variety of circuit card, component purchasing, PWB assemblage, box-build, testing services.

Owing to the past 11+ years ample experience of manufacturing, Leadsintec has attained an excellent acceptance in China and abroad. Our products are mainly used in the Electronic Devices , Industrial, Automation, Automotive, Agriculture, Defense, Aerospace, Healthcare as well as Security industries.

Our plan is to help small and mid-sized shoppers in lessening their investment by supplying thorough , high-mixed, low and medium quantity services. With our proficient system operators, procedure specialists, production team members and sourcing experts, we are able to completely grasp and get past your necessities.

Leadsintec’s manufacturing establishments incorporate clean work spaces and superior high-speed SMT lines. Our chip placement precision can easily get to +0.1MM on IC components. This indicates we can easily cope with virtually all kinds of integrated circuits, which include SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA as well as U-BGA. As well, we can easily deliver 0201 chip placement, through-hole component insertion and ended item manufacture, test and packaging.


PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd (chiefly for prototype)


PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd is one of the China’s main unit delivering PC board solutions, which is actually a three way partnership of 3 of the top 10 circuit card manufacturers in China. Our edges are fast-turn-time, low volume orders.
We’re a fresh electronics contract manufacturer (ECM) located within Peking, China. We have been committed to circuit board prototype within the last 12 years. Now we have served well-known corporations or associations across the world, for example Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, Jet Propulsion Laboratory of China, Altium, University of Cambridge, University of Wisconsin, Stanford University, Harvard University, Peking University, Siemens as well as China Mobile. We have highly competitive prices, well-trained engineers and decent manufacturing expertise. We invited customers to contact with us and take into account us as a solid provider for electronic circuit board fabricating services.

We provide:
Top quality. Affordable pricing. Prompt shipping.

PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd can be your good maker for circuit card prototype service.

Contact with PCBWING

Sales Office Contact:
Help Contact:
Promoting and marketing Contact:

Telephone number:

Room520A , Heqiao Plaza B Tower No.8 Guanghua Road
Chaoyang District , Beijing
China Postcode 100026


ABP Electronics Limited

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ABP Electronics Limited started in 2004, we aim for 5 – 200 sets quick-turn circuit board & PCBA production.

We possess our own PCB board manufacturing area and SMT production line, well-equipped with all sorts of inspection equipment. In the meantime, ABP utilizes knowledgeable, specialist development and research team; youthful and zealous sales service team; skilled purchasing team and specialized assemblage test team. All these make certain our excellent quality and shipping and delivery period.

Our services comprise of circuit card design and layout, 2 to 20 layers PCB fabricating, parts procurement, SMT assembly. We are proficient at fast quotation, manufacturing and shipping & delivery, particularly for prototypes and small-volume orders. Our chief products cover industrial control, motor vehicle, home security, telecom, medical as well as new energy. ABP committed to provide one-stop electronics manufacturing services that range from PCB Fab to PCB assemblage for international buyers.


JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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JY Group consists of JY Electronic and BLD Electronic, give full attention to the PCB fabricating and circuit card assemblage production , design of electronic products and additionally mold shell . PCB fabrication and PC board assembly , both PCB board prototyping and massive production are made welcome , electronic circuit board products up to 24 layers . All the PCB board assembly gear are made by Panasonic , we’re capable to take PCB fabricating and PCBA orders in response to customer’s specifications. 100% E-test and functional testing for printed circuit board and PCBA before they are shipped to our customers. We’ve gained the many different management accreditations for instance , UL , ISO , TS16949 , OHSAS and the like. PCBs and MOLD SHELL DESIGN as per your needs, we offer made-to-order products and the mold shell design and components sourcing service . we will procure the top components available. High standard, quick deliveries are our assurance. On account of years of knowledge in this sector, we have business collaboration with several fortune 500 companies including BMW, GREE, NIDEC, SUMITOMO etc. We desire to have opportunity to help you along in a short time. For extra information kindly visit our site :

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Business Name: Dalian JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Floor 1-4, No. 13-1, Youquan Road, Zhanqian Street, Jinzhou District, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Contact number: 86-411-66361648-806
Fax: 86-411-66361010
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STG is a main qualified Electronic Circuit Board and PCBA maker in China, which offers OEM/ODM service for worldwide clients . With years of experiences, STG is not merely a producer, but also a specialist designer for emerging ideas, new creations according to consumers. Our product selection contains a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, telephony, industrial items , automotive assemblies, medical equipment and many others.

Our prime services include electronics and metal casing manufacturing, such as printed circuit boards Circuit Board manufacture, part purchasing, Circuit Board assembly, plastic/metal house build, die-casting and even tailor-made Mfg. With seasoned working team at STG fully trained, their performance will be impressive.

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China Shenzhen Office

TEL: +86-0755-27929725
Telefax: +86-0755-27929724

Location: Huolibao Building 5F , Technology Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518100, China.

HK Office

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